Featured Author – Jade Kerrion

JadeKerrionThis author is truly gifted and on the list of ones I keep my eye on. I’m happy to have been able to interview her.

Let me introduce jade Kerrion to you.

Hi Jade, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

I’ve heard you started out as a writer of fan fiction. Anything I should know?

Yes, I started out writing Guild Wars fan fiction. It’s a great way to get started. Think about it: you’re tapping into a built-in fan base that’s craving more stories about a world they already love. Work their characters into the story, and they won’t be able to get enough. I wrote fan fiction for several years, and turned little pixels on the screen into characters with stories to tell.

Living in Florida, do you ever long for snow? And to extend that question, would you ever want to live up on a mountain?

Oh, God. No. I’m in Florida because I do not long for snow. I don’t object to mountains, per se. It’s just the cold and snow I’m psychologically allergic to…

You are married and have two adorable kids, what were their names again?

The eldest is Zor. The younger is Max. In case you were wondering, both names came from the Robotech series.

I love that you incorporate fictional life into real life. It goes to show they bleed into one when you’re an author. Do they ever pop up as characters in your work?

Hmm…not yet. So far, none of my characters are interested in having two precocious handfuls of energy bouncing around their house. If you know of any, let me know. I’d be happy to loan them my kids of a real-life experiment.

Sorry, can’t help you there. 🙂

Is there any food or beverage that is a constant factor in either your books or life?

Oh, I love sushi! My favorite beverage is hot chocolate mixed with coffee.

Oh, sushi! The mere mention of it makes my mouth water and who can resist coffee?

What is your favorite dish and can you give me the recipe?

Another delish recipe for os-tail stew

Picture found on revivedkitchen.com

My favorite dish would be the ox-tail stew that my husband makes for me (usually under duress or after a great deal of whining from me.) His recipe varies a little each time (not one for following instructions) but this one is close enough. He also adds raisins to the stew for a sweet touch.

Do you have any aspirations other than being a worldwide known author? Are you a global ‘brand’?

I hope I’m working my way toward being a global ‘brand’ as an author, but an author is just one of the many things I am. I also have a full time job, which I love, in learning strategy with a large education company.

Sounds intriguing, I might want to ask you more about that another time.

That wasn’t too bad, or was it? But it’s not why you are here. You want to talk shop, right? So, what is the title of the book you would like to talk about, and can you give us a taster of it?

I’m here to tell you about my latest novel, ETERNAL NIGHT.

Eternal Night ebook

Amazon / Apple / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Smashwords

Here’s the blurb, followed by an excerpt:

What makes Kerrion’s writing so compelling is the beautifully flawed characters that find themselves in unexpected relationships…these kind of character level conflicts make Kerrion’s writing so deliciously addictive.”—Noor A Jahangir, Author of The Changeling King

Everything you want in a great story. Love, intrigue, action, betrayal, and understanding.”—Ch’kara Silverwolf, Author of Daughter of Light and Dark

Alone for a millennium, since a human murdered her beloved consort, Ashra, the immortal icrathari queen, rules over Aeternae Noctis, the domed city of eternal night. Her loneliness appears to be at an end when her consort’s soul is reborn in a human, Jaden Hunter, but their reunion will not be easy.

Icrathari are born, not made. If Ashra infuses Jaden with her immortal blood, he will be a vampire, a lesser creature of the night, a blood-drinker rather than a soul-drinker.

Furthermore, Jaden is sworn to protect his half-sister, five-year-old Khiarra. She is the child of prophecy, destined to end the eternal night and the dominion of the Night Terrors—the icrathari and the vampires.

As Ashra struggles to sustain her crumbling kingdom in the face of enemies without and treachery within, Jaden fights to defend his sister and unravel a greater mystery: what is the city of eternal night, and how did it come to be?

Paperbacks available at

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With Tera beside her, Ashra strode forward. A wall of vampires parted to reveal the other two icrathari, Siri and Elsker. A dark-haired human slumped at Elsker’s feet, his wrists cuffed behind his back. Ashra stifled a chuckle. Surely Tera was overreacting; the human was by far the weakest creature in the chamber.Tera knelt down, wrapped her fingers into the human’s hair, and pulled his head back. The human’s face was handsome enough—the slash of his cheekbones accentuated his perfectly proportioned, sculptured features—but taken as a whole, he was not compelling enough to justify the fuss.Ashra shrugged. “You’re wasting my time, Tera.”

Apparently undeterred, the icrathari warlord shook the human hard. His eyes flashed open. They were brilliant green, the exact color of the emerald ring Ashra wore on the index finger of her right hand. His gaze was unfocused, and the reflexive narrowing of his eyes matched the clenching of his jaw, hinting of wrenching pain.

Tera looked up and met Ashra’s gaze. “Taste his soul.”

Ashra recoiled, her upper lip curling in disgust. She had no desire to taste a human’s soul. Over the centuries, humans had grown weak, their small lives consumed by superstition and fear. It was better to live on the edge of perpetual starvation than fill her hunger with the pitiful excuse humans called a soul.

“Go deep,” Tera said.

But why? Ashra’s brow furrowed. She glanced at Siri and Elsker, but the two icrathari shrugged, apparently no more clued in than she was. She looked back at Tera. The icrathari warlord known as Ashra’s Blade was the epitome of calm understatement. If she was so insistent, she must have had a reason.

Ashra knelt beside the human. Without flinching, she placed her hand against his muscled abdomen. It was bloody, his flesh ripped by a vampire’s talons.

The man tensed at her touch, and his eyes flared wide with agony when her soul-sucking powers leeched into him. His breath came hard and fast, his chest heaving with the effort as he twisted in Tera’s unyielding grip, trying to break free.

Ashra’s eyes narrowed. The human was weakened—tapped into his life source, she waded through his dazed thoughts and shivered from the echo of each spasm of pain that wracked his body—but still, he fought Tera on the physical plane and Ashra on the psychic dimension, denying her access to his memories and to his soul.

She frowned and slammed her will against his, tearing an anguished scream from his throat, but still, his will did not crumble.

Askance, Ashra looked at Tera. “Did you taste him?”

Tera nodded. “It wasn’t hard the first time; he didn’t know what to expect, but apparently, he does now and is doing a fine job of fighting back.”

Was that grudging respect she heard in Tera’s voice? “Does his soul really matter?”

The icrathari nodded again.

Ashra’s shoulders shifted with the motion of a silent sigh. His resistance left her with little choice. She leaned forward and glided her lips over his in a whisper of a kiss.

Human myths spoke of succubi and incubi—demons that, with a touch, could stir lust in their unwilling victims. All myths were based in reality. The maddening beauty and soul-sucking powers of the icrathari had spawned the legends of succubi and incubi. With a touch, the icrathari could lure their victims into a state of sexual ecstasy, bending the will and baring the soul.

The human tensed against Ashra, resisting the intimate contact. She almost recoiled. Had the centuries dulled her innate powers? Surely she had not forgotten how to lure a man.

She closed her eyes and remembered love.

As always, Rohkeus’s fine-featured face—those beautiful gold-flecked green eyes, so unusual for an icrathari, and teasing smile—came to the fore. With a dreamy half-smile, she deepened the kiss, driving the memory of love before her like a sharpened stake.

At last, the man relaxed, succumbing to the kiss. She leaned into him, heedless of his crimson blood staining her white gown. He was warm, feverish even. Just skimming over six feet, he had more than twelve inches on her, but his physical strength, compared to hers, was puny. She was well aged; over four millennia old, she was the oldest of the icrathari and the strongest. She could have broken his neck with as little effort as a human child snapping a twig.

Her hand trailed across his muscled torso. He made it easy for her to be gentle. His body trembled as if he longed for her. His mouth was hungry for her kiss. He arched up against her, as if craving more. His need was like a living creature, wild and aching for her touch.

Eyes closed, Ashra shivered. Only one other person had desired her as much.

And he was dead.

She forced her way through the memories of pale bodies tangled upon cool silk sheets. When her soul-sucking power leeched out, it found no opposition. Images of the human’s life rewound in a blaze of vivid sights, sounds, and sensations.

Ashra looked up at Tera, her smile little more than a barely perceptible curve of her lips. “He fancies himself the protector of the child of prophecy. Was she among those taken tonight?”

Tera nodded.

Ashra chuckled, the sound without humor. “It’s a pity her genetic heritage wasn’t sufficiently superior to prevent her from being culled.”

“There’s more. Go deep.”

She pushed past the blackness at the start of his memories, expecting deeper darkness. Instead, the colors shifted into shades of ochre and gray. Memories, older than his body, resided in his soul; memories of an Earth long since lost to them—a planet surrounded and nourished by water; images of tall buildings glistening beneath a benevolent sun, and of thriving cities filled with the bustle of humans; memories of quiet and intimate conversations beneath a silver moon, the same silver moon that now graced Malum Turris with its light, though a thousand years older and viewed only from beneath the protection of the dome.

She saw herself as he must have seen her, a much-younger icrathari, still hopeful for the future, never realizing that the Earth they had all known and loved was irretrievably lost. Had she ever looked that vulnerable? Had her smile ever been so beautiful, so filled with love as she looked upon—

Rohkeus?” Oh, blessed Creator, was that stricken whisper her voice?


E-books available at

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Paperbacks available at

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository

Did you have difficulty coming up with the title?

The title was easy. The name of the city, Aeternae Noctis, is Latin for Eternal Night.

If you would have to change the genre in order to be able to publish it, what would it be then? i.e. would you conform your work to suit the market?

Well, right now, it’s fantasy paranormal, with a dash of romance, which is, I think, a fairly large segment of the market. But your question on whether I would conform my work to suit the market is a good one. I tell the story I want to tell, but I do test out various markets. For example, I started out in science fiction. Eternal Night is my foray into fantasy/paranormal. I’m currently working on a romantic thriller (another large segment) that actually spins off my science fiction series. I think, ultimately, I write a lot of genre-blending novels because it’s where I’m most comfortable.

What do you do marketing wise and what do you think generates the most attention to your books?

If I knew the answer to that question, I’d be a millionaire. Mostly, I try to get out and connect with readers through blog tours and social media channels. Strong reviews help, but ultimately, I believe what generates the most attention is word of mouth. It’s important to get readers excited about a great story.

I must agree with you on that one. Personally I don’t care much about what reviewers say about a book, unless it’s a reviewer I know writes solid, honest reviews. But a recommendation from a friend is what triggers a buy for me.

Okay, now that we have the mandatory questions out of the way, shoot your mouth off. Tell me whatever you want the blab about. But please no cat’s, dogs, or children. Make me laugh, or cry, or even envious. Tell me something none has ever heard before from you. Hehehe, I love those little dirty secrets, real or make believe. 🙂

My husband is jealous of my muse.

My muse, Danyael, first came to life in ~1998 as an assassin character in a play-by-e-mail (PBeM) game I took part in. Think of it as D&D-style roleplaying, but with writing instead of dice rolling and storytelling around a table. Since then, the spelling of his name has changed, his profession has changed, but he’s been a voice in my head and a constant friend for about 15 years now. He keeps showing up in my stories, and when he does, he steals the show entirely. Writing him is the most natural thing in the world because I’ve known him so intimately for so long.

I know Danyael since I’ve read Perfection Unleashed and loved every word of it! If you want to know why read my review here. Sorry for the interruption, please go on.

In contrast, I’ve known my husband for 11 years, and yes, I imagine it’s hard to compete with a man who technically doesn’t exist anywhere but on paper. It’s not like you can challenge him to a smack down.

If you’d like to meet Danyael, he’s the protagonist in my award-winning Double Helix series (and I finally gave him a happy ending at the end of the fourth book…)

Personally I’m in love with the books and if this interview made you curious, why don’t you connect with Jade Kerrion at her Website, on FacebookTwitter, or find out more at Amazon

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    • Hi Jade, it’s me who should thank you for the opportunity to interview you. For writing great books, no not great, better than great, and for allowing me to read to review. It was a pleasure, the interview as well as the reading and I hope you’ll give me the chance to do another promo on your work when you have a new release or whenever you’d like me to.

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