How To Write Like a Goblin on The Right Thing

And so The Goblin returns with his words of curious knowledge that draws me to seek him out week after week.


here then the goblin posts his wish, something that he has often said to himself “…um I wish that I could do the right thing and that the right thing would happen…” and yet, the goblin also understands, that life just isn’t cheap like that, simply it owes one nothing for one’s actions good or bad, so the goblin doesn’t look to the reward in those actions now, no, more simply that “those actions” became all the reward he could expect from them, and somehow the goblin felt that those actions became just that much more honest when it unrewarded or unpunished, concluding “…neither heaven and hell are my motivations in my actions then, I am not for sale here, no, simply the action is the reward in itself now, as it is its punishment too…”


3 thoughts on “How To Write Like a Goblin on The Right Thing

  1. (“…anyone would think I was an intellectual by the ones you choose of me there mouse…” smiled the goblin confessing to being some wretched dyslexic postaholic instead, adding “…no, I love those that have commented so far, it’s like meet the author and converse with the readers too, wonder who will comment this time then for I’m not interested in readership, naah I’m out to create a replyship then, it’s all about the 2cts today…”)

  2. (“…ah, don’t mind if I do…” replied the goblin, but then thinking better of if for those headaches afterwards then, if not during in fact, but then asking in return “…could you make that coffee instead, small, black the color of ink perhaps, but sweetly bitter to the taste and ever so conducive to the one’s imagination now, and to my escape too, what say you, care to join me now…”, whereupon the goblin just drew a circle in the air to reveal a small table with some cups upon it, a coffeepot too with only the finest filtered coffee simmering, milk and sugar, together with plate of home made biscuits, of which the goblin, upon handing a cup to willamkendell1 here, smiled “…now you’ll write with us won’t you, I mean you can’t ever say that we skimp on our hospitality here, nor that we don’t lavish attention upon those that we find interesting…”)

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