How To Live Write Like A Goblin on Sanity and Reality

My regular Monday morning guest has returned. The Goblin, aka Fleamailman, surprises again. He has the uncanny ability to somehow see right through me, or is it he knows his humans?


perhaps the goblin was mad after all, and yet, in dailylife he hid it well, saying “…you see, most people are mad where their lives are just as mad too, so it simply balances out under the reinforcement of good old habit and convention…”, and with that the goblin hoped that everyone would adjust their madness accordingly seeing that whatever sanity they sought from this dailylife was probably another trick of the system to have one become more like everyone else now, adding “…ah yes, you would be right to laugh at their assumptions towards sanity and madness, but you’ll have to learn to hide your laughter better now, for dailylife is madness and they’re all mad perhaps, but caring, about whether one is mad that is, will only make it such, so embrace your own values silently and slip under their radar to freedom…”

What do you think? Is reality madness, or is madness our reality, or is it all the same?


8 thoughts on “How To Live Write Like A Goblin on Sanity and Reality

  1. (“…while I, for my part, am enjoying your blogworld too…” went the goblin upon seeing what the mouse had chosen of him this time approvingly, then adding “…so, monday it is then, but who are my readers here I wonder, and would they care to converse with me awhile, for I have no blog, nor ebook neither, nor even an identity then, where my medium are these posts pure and simple…” whereupon the goblin just took out a little notebook from his pocket to read the reader their rights here, smiling to the words”…well yes then human, you do have the right to remain silent I suppose, but then again, anything you might write in reply can’t get unwritten afterwards, for well you might be just another reader, a face in the crowd then, right up till the moment you step out upon this stage here with me, then it’s live between us, for this then is what is meant by livewriting as opposed to your book writing now, for this I believe is a live setting…”)

    • “Every Monday even, Goblin,” says Lucy. She smiles as she remembers a promise made. “And your readers, of course, are mine, or the better phrase is, anyone who cares to read.” She looks outside at the activity going on, “Now there’s someone who could be your reader. Too busy chopping wood to read a book, but posts are just the right format. Livewriting is, I suppose, ideal for the modern human. Not too long, in the now, and ever changing, flowing with the waves of society. A mirror if you will of the world humans live in.” The sound of a chainsaw ripping through wood wakes her from a daydream of how livewriting can change lives. “Yes, that one is most certainly a modern reader.”

  2. It is not the same. Talk with anyone battling the different mental diseases. The drugs they take are powerful, yet, without them they cannot function in day-to-day living. It is a tightrope that sanity does not have to walk or battle.

  3. (“…ah, but we are all in that same boat here, both them and us I mean…” smiled the goblin aware that hardly anyone could function within their daylives without those powerful drugs they consume, only that they were drugs unnoticed as such by society, yet needed by society to function all the same, such as shopping, facebook, sports, computers games, forumland, the blogworld, radio, and television but to name a few, whereas, apart from these drug were those more known drugs, cigarettes, drink, narcotics, medications, etc., perhaps underlined as such to divert our attention away our very real addiction here, whereupon the goblin just turned his gaze back to Mari Collier, repeating “…if you are clearly stating here that they become mad without their drugs, then I’m just agreeing with you now, thus society is a madness held in check by that very default then, these drugs that keep us sane then, but if they keep us sane, doesn’t that then mean that both society, and the individual too, are latently mad and that one should not overtly question one’s sanity, nor its sanity neither, lest one stumble across the truth that its all madness held in check by odd given norms and system placating drugs…”)

    • (“…ah now, in all honesty I didn’t choose that title there…” replied the goblin thinking that perhaps “on sanity and madness” might have been more apt, but not minding though, just ever so grateful to the mouse at this point, explaining further “…no, the fun of this adventure is that the mouse chooses any post she likes of mine, titles is as she thinks best, and then surprises me with the result, where I for my part get to meet you bloggers here, whereas otherwise our paths wouldn’t have crossed I believe, for I can’t go to each and every blog of this blogworld here, and you bloggers alas have yet to use our forumland to your advantage now, ah no, not so much as some means to advertise your blog with links to all those would be readers there…”, a method that soon failed with the more seasoned forum goers anyway for its shortsightedness, continuing “…but instead, as a means to forward your persona towards them, where the persona of the blog, and that of the post too, are one and the same…”, ah yes, but by now everyone just knew that goblins were not to be trusted)

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