A Most Literary Review of Bound

How a reader expressed his feelings after reading Bound by Lucy Pireel

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REVIEW of BOUND by Lucy Pireel

Reviewed by R.J. Askew


I have a reading window shaped like an hour. Tis far too miserable to go outside. Spring, what spring? So I am hunkered down in a large, empty refectory in a Canary Wharf corporate. It’s modern in a pleasing way, with a view over a windswept dock and of hundreds of people tooing and froing from the tube station.

So far, so good. You know how it is, finding time to ourselves, eye time. So many things get in the way of a gooooood read.

My kindle tells me I am 93 percent into Lucy P’s BOUND. Excellent and the read is excellent, too. A swift sip of moccha, decaf. Don’t want to get toooo excited now, do we? Especially with a double shot of hot, hot erotica to roll our socks up and…

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