Featured Character – Travelling Girl Jenny O’Connor from The Gypsy Way

Today I have a character rather than an author featuring the post. It’s the leading lady in Running in Corridors, one of my favourite books. Her name is Jenny O’Connor and she’s not only come alive in the books, but has lives online too!

Hi Jenny, welcome. Tell us, how does it feel to be the leading lady in such great books?

I love it, that’s why I asked Frankie if he would let me out of the books and live my life online too. He agreed and I got to create the Faceboook page Fans of Frankie Fulwood – Author. It’s nice to get feedback from people who enjoy reading the stories.

It must make you feel like a really special person to be the one who Frankie always returns to no matter what.

That feeling is mutual, I think we are joined at the soul like Heathcliff and Cathy in Wuthering heights, my favourite book and movie, life hasn’t been – and isn’t always – easy. But as Frankie always says, ‘you have to work with what you’ve got!’

Did it take you long to realise he might be flirtatious but will always be your man?

It is still sinking in, so yes! It took around 30 years!

How does living the travelling life affected your singing career? Did it give you more opportunities, or do you feel things would have been different if you and Frankie had been Gordy?

According to Frankie, my singing was hampered most by not remembering the words properly. I think it wouldn’t have been possible if I’d had to keep driving everywhere from one place and then back again, I was constantly on tour. I think if we’d been from the settled community we would have fallen out for good and been married another 5 times each by now.

Don’t you ever feel you want to tell the story from your point of view?

Yes! I am currently, slowly but surely, telling my own story about the years before Frankie’s books begin. His books five and six will be one story in two halves, the second half will be written by me.

Oh, I;m looking forward to reading that too!

Is there any food or beverage in your life that plays a constant role?

Our lives are filled with me cooking and eating out, I wouldn’t trust him to boil and egg.

What is your favourite dish and can you give me the recipe?

I think a lot of people still expect us to eat hedgehogs and rabbit stew. I have never eaten a hedgehog and I don’t like rabbit. My favourite dish would be one I haven’t had to cook!

I had no idea. Do people really think that? And I quite like rabbit stew with red wine, a bit like cock au vin, but then with rabbit. I can’t imagine people thinking anyone would eat a hedgehog.

Is there anything you’d like to share with us that none has ever heard before? Make us laugh, or cry, or even envious. As long as it’s not cats, dogs, or children. (I do love horses, so a horsy adventure with a twist… 🙂

There isn’t much I can say here without it being a spoiler for a book, or a book we are going to write. I can tell you about a Shetland pony that we used to own called Bill, he used to follow Frankie around like a puppy. He wasn’t much bigger than a German shepherd dog and those two used to be inseparable. He even used to sit on Frankie’s lap! I remember them going to the funfair and to antiques sales and stuff together. Frankie rooting in a box of junk and Bill with his nose in there too. Sometimes they even argued like children and they would walk down the road goading each other, Bill biting Frankie’s arm and Frankie slapping him back. Whatever Frankie does seems to have a touch of comedy in it.

It sounds like you and Frankie live a good life. 🙂 But that much we have read in the books already, I’m glad to have had the chance to introduce you to the readers on a more personal level than your character is shown in the books. It makes what could have been just another character come to life. 

I for one am looking forward to showcasing more characters from The Gypsy Way, if only because all of the characters seem so alive and vibrant. Almost as if they are real persons, with real lives. Kudos to the author! (who has assumed the name of his main character which makes it even more believable for the books to be real.)

My question to the readers is, “Do you ever doubt whether or not a book is true or fiction?”


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