Featured Author – Carol Bond

carolHi Carol, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. 

Being born in Adelaide, do you feel you live on an island or do you see Australia as an integral part of the world?

I am proud of our island, the largest in the world. We are rather separate to the rest of the world because we are situated so far from everyone else but that has not stopped us from anything we put our minds to.
We are multi cultural, first in the field in a lot of inventions and ahead in medical research which leaves us in good standing global. Our acceptance of other nationalities has given us a rather unique perspective in the world and I believe it keeps us relatively safe, we have for the most part in this dangerous world been left untouched.

I have found that Australians are fiercely proud of our country, we boast to the rest of the world that we have a language that contains a colloquialism (Slang) which cannot be found anywhere else that our country is one of a kind, offering an enormous diversity of wildlife, natural landscapes and a sense of humour that is definitely our own.

Australians enjoy the culinary delights of our Asian neighbours and the advantage of very cheap tropical holidays. It is not all perfect, far from it for sometimes we suffer the same economic downfalls as everyone else, but it is home and throughout all my travels about the world, it is still the best place to live.

What is your pet peeve when it comes to the use of language? In fantasy you can come up with new words that fit the world you’ve build, but do you think that cuts you loose from the rules that apply to language?

The only pet peeve I have in the use of language is when I hear it spoken badly. When I hear people speaking to each other and in particular when they speak to me and I am address in the following manner.

“How are you’s goin’” or if I am told this, “Well Frank and me ……..”
The ignorance of those who speak the English language and dumb it down infuriates me. I know it is only a little thing but as a writer, I would be shot if I included such trashy dialogue. I am constantly amazed at how many people accept such misspoken phrases and it scares me to know that one day this kind of talk will be accepted as the norm.

Why did you choose to write under a pseudonym?

Choice for writing under a pseudonym was very personal and I do not wish to divulge the nitty gritty, ins and outs of it all, but I will say this. Ellen Mae Franklin falls from the tongue beautifully, it sounds romantic and could be seen as the kind of author who has a stack of accomplishments under the belt. (Smiling).

I did not wish to use the name I carry about in every day life for my surname belongs to my children’s father and since we are longer togther, I felt it important to at least remain true to myself. I could have used my maiden name but I loved the middle names of my three children, eldest to youngest – Ellen Mae Franklin.

Is there any food or beverage that is a constant factor in either your books or life?

Food doesn’t factor in any of my books, in fact that is one topic I rarely touch on. My mind turns to darker things and the solving of intrigues that I am constantly concocting from chapter to chapter leaves little room for much else.

In reality, I have a weakness for Malaysian/Thai dishes. Kway Teow is a favourite of mine and I don’t hesitate to eat my fill whenever I get a chance.

What is your favourite dish and can you give me the recipe?

I don’t have a true favourite per say but a string of lovelys that I am adding to my recipe list every so often. So please, check in every once and a while for new dishes.

Here is a common Australia dish that I cook regularly. We have large expanses of land and since our founding we have raised and eaten lamb. Our Sunday Roasts are a pride in an Anglo Saxon household and I have to admit I cook a mean leg of lamb.
I also cook up a fabulous Hokkien Noodle dish and a talk about Spaghetti Bolognaise and yes, I am more than happy to share

What is the title of the book you would like to talk about, and can you give us a small taster of it?

The title of my book is The Unseen Promise.  Knock yourselves out with a taste –

cover unseen promise AMAZON | SMASHWORDS

“How are you, my pretty?” he crooned. He always called her that and it made her feel like purring. She wanted to nestle up against him but was afraid of rejection, so instead the Speck lifted her face to his, giving him her best smile. A flashing row of razor sharp teeth cast an eerie spectacle in the shadows of his glowing sphere; it floated above both their heads, dispelling the depressive gloom.
“I have brought you something,” he crooned again.
She didn’t answer. She didn’t have to. On the floor at Roedanth’s feet sat a large box, and he could see the wonder in her questioning eyes. Kitty bent forward and tentatively touched it.
“Ahhh, I can smell it.” Approbation ringed her voice; it always did when she smelt fresh meat.
Roedanth lounged back in the shadows, leaning against the wall of his pretty’s cage, and shook a couple of fingers towards the box. The lid flipped off and floated away into the shadows. From deep within, Kitty heard the mewling of many kittens. She laughed a feral throaty sound, full of pleasure at being served such a wonderful meal. He watched on, lips pursed in smugness as she devoured them all, sucking on the bones and placing the fragments back into the box for him to take away at a time of his choosing. She always looked forward to his visits.

For something very special I would love to give you the title of its sequel, a WIP that I am in love with, it is called In the Cold Day. Here is a taster –

The passageway exploded. What else could you expect with so many Specks all sniffing for the next feed? Nothing could help it and there was, surely nothing, that could stop it? Teeth bared, white alabaster skin all a shivery with long limbs ready to attack.
Ro’Brerre was for once in his life was speechless. Oh! There was plenty to say about the whole sordid business, but he dared not utter a word. Poised, on the brink of frenzy himself, his army of monsters watched him in salivating silence. With their band of pink skin, pulsating in and out and rivers of rusty saliva pooling about the floor, the Mage felt cold right down to the core of his bones.
“You dare?” His voice was steel, but it had to be. Nothing else would have sufficed and for a few short moments it worked, it quelled the snapping teeth and the crowded passageway settled. They hung from the roof, they lined the walls and for as far down as the light allowed Specks pushed up against each other, all eager for a bite and a slurp.
Burc sidled up. It was a slow and provocative move. It was intentional and meant to scare. His double row of teeth: snapping at the air on his approach.
“You… speak… we… don’t… want to hear.” He was proud of the words. So many of them put into a stuttering sentence and echoing what he hoped was more of the same.
Just the sound of gnashing teeth in the oppressive darkness and the muffled voice from beyond the fissure, disturbed the unease. Ro’Brerre shifted his weight to the balls of his feet, bouncing ever so slightly in the gloom. His head cocked towards the opening.
“Have you all forgotten why it is that we are here? In this spot, this new home I found for us.” His words rung loud: echoed by magic. “There…” and he pointed to the opening. “Is a meal, fresh, hot blood and yours for the taking.”
He hoped it was enough.
Burc had heard enough. How could his God say something that wasn’t true? No God of his would take the glory on what he had found. The others should be following him. After all, couldn’t he speak the same words as the Gods?
“I find … No you!”
It was with those words that Ro’Brerre knew he had lost.

Did you have difficulty coming up with the title for The Unseen Promise?

Finding a title for any piece of work that I do is relatively easy for me. I summarize the content and voila the given title jumps out at me.

What do you do marketing wise and what do you think generates the most attention to your books?

There are so many different ways to go with marketing. I use loads of social media and help many other authors, which in turn brings my name to the attention of others. It can be tricky since I write under a pen name, but I don’t write to be famous or to make that million so many others dream of. I write for the love and for the pure enjoyment of creating.

Basically I fill my free time with the activities I enjoy, talking to people in a room about a work I have created in the hope to achieve a sale or two is not what I call enjoyment. So, I can’t speak on book signings, or events for I have never bothered to involve myself in either.

Would you be able to come up with a credible excuse why you haven’t written a whole day? Remember, I have to believe it!

I hate lying so I won’t start now with this question. I think it is safe to say that I am typically lazy, plus I am so pedantic about the choosing of my words. I tend to get a run on things at times where I write fluently off and on all day but since my attention span equals that of a small dog I get easily distracted which then leads to all sorts of things: social marketing, watching TV, knitting, sewing, gardening, riding my pushy or some other recreational sideline.

Okay, now that we have the mandatory questions out of the way, shoot your mouth off. Tell me whatever you want the blab about. But please no cat’s, dogs, or children. Make me laugh, or cry, or even envious. Tell me something none has ever heard before from you. hehehe, love those little dirty secrets, real or make believe. 🙂

Ten Things you won’t ever be told about Ellen Mae Franklin again …. so, mums the word.

* Deep down I am afraid of the dark

* I have an excellent singing voice and have performed in front of crowds before.

* I may be sidelined with health issues but a bus will knock me down first.

* I hate Avocados

* My favourite colour is brown but I hate eating chocolate.

*I have been told that I am way too curious for my own good

* I am left-handed

*I love swimming but never in the ocean

*I am the slowest writer I have ever met

*Loyalty and honesty is more important to me than being popular.

Thank you for sharing all of this with us, and if you have any news do come back to tell us all about it.

#Giveaway and Book Blast Carnival – Part Three!

Alas! Today is the last day of the book blast Carnival and your last chance to enter the giveaway and win, win, win! 


But before you scroll down to the giveaway, check out the following books and authors first!

It Isn't Cheating if He's Dead photo ItIsntCheating_zps0420a469.jpg

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About the Author: 

From nine to five, Julie Frayn is a mild mannered accountant. But the rest of the time, her dark, bent, writer alter-ego comes to life. When she isn’t counting beans or making things up in her head, she is mother to the two most perfect adults on the planet. She isn’t biased, just observant. When they were younger, they were perfect muses for silly poetry about smashed peas and birds with gastroenteritis.

Julie has penned two novels (Suicide City, a Love Story and It Isn’t Cheating if He’s Dead) and published one trilogy of short, short stories. Two more novels are in the works. Stay tuned for She’d Kill for Normal, and The Orphan and the Rose, both in 2014.

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Old Town Nights photo OldTownNights_zps5d4f1079.jpg Download a Sample  Purchase at  Amazon

About the Author: 

Linda Lee Williams writes “contemporary romances with a paranormal twist.” After moving to Denver from Chicago, she taught writing classes at Arapahoe Community College and formed a writers group.  Recently, she teamed up with her husband Tim—the artist that illustrated her book covers—to publish her novels on Amazon.

An outdoor enthusiast, Linda enjoys hiking, biking, and birding.  She loves critters of all kinds—domestic and wild.  During her journeys, she’s called Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, and Colorado home.  Wherever she roams, she draws inspiration from her surroundings.

, her first published novel, ranked among Storm Goddess Book Reviews “favorite books of 2013.”  She also earned the Liebster Blog Award from fellow bloggers.  Her second novel, Old Town Nights, was among the nominees for “best romance of the year” on Critters Writers Workshop – P&E Readers Poll.

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Timelapse photo TimelapseFarrelly_zpsb3730b3f.jpg
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About the Author:

A Navy brat and graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, Lorrie Farrelly is proud to be a Fightin’ Banana Slug. Following graduate school at Northwestern University, she began a career in education that included teaching art to 4th graders, drama to 8th graders, and finally, math to high school students.

She’s a three-time winner on Jeopardy!, has shepherded wide-eyed foreign exchange students along Hollywood Blvd, and has happily curried and shoveled as a ranch hand at Disneyland’s Circle D Ranch. And always, she writes.

Lorrie has won a Presidential Commendation for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics. She’s been a Renaissance nominee for Teacher of the Year and a finalist for the Orange Rose Award in romantic fiction. She’s never won the lottery, except where her family is concerned. For her, they’re the ultimate prize.

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And the last book of this Blast Carnival

The God of My Art photo GodOfMyArt_zps8ccd7f60.jpg
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See the Trailer on YouTube

About the Author:

Sarah Lane’s first novel The God of My Art was longlisted for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Her short stories and poetry have been featured in literary journals, including The Antigonish ReviewRoar Magazine, and Quills: Canadian Poetry Magazine, among other magazines.
Sarah Lane was transplanted from California to Canada as a child and grew up in rural British Columbia. As a young adult, wanderlust led her to live abroad in France and the USA, and to travel extensively in Cameroon, Mexico, and Europe. She holds a B.A. in international relations and a M.A. in comparative literature from the University of British Columbia.
Mom to two young children, speaker of accented French, and all around xenophile, she currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she is working on her next novel.

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Book Blast Carnival Plus Giveaway – Part Two!

Banner photo BBCBanner_zps20e6ac58.jpg

Welcome to stop number two for the Book Blast Carnival Hop.  Ten authors are presenting their titles, and there is a giveaway where you can enter to win Amazon Gift Card Giveaway for Readers with prizes of $60, $40  $20 and $10 . Many of the titles are on a limited time only sale of $0.99 for the eBook version, and genres include Romance, Science Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal, and Literary Fiction.

Yesterday you found out everything about

Irrefutable Proof photo IrrefutableProof_zps004fa5cf.jpg

Quintspinner photo Quintspinner_zps68477c45.jpg


Finding Home photo FindingHome_zpse032d160.jpg

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Today you’ll find out more about Blue Creek Bachelor by Joanne Hill

Blue Creek Bachelor photo BlueCreekBachelor_zps07162bba.jpg

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About the Author:

Sweet romance author Joanne Hill is a born and bred Kiwi who grew up reading the romance novels of iconic New Zealand author Essie Summers. A founding member and past president of Romance Writers of New Zealand, she began indie publishing her books in late 2012 and now has three novels and a short story collection available.

She works in a heritage research library, and recently completed her Masters in Information Studies (MIS) where she examined readers’ advisory and Mills and Boon romances for her research project.  Although much of her life revolves around the past –  she also edits her local historical society newsletter and has a BA in Ancient History and History –  her reading and writing preferences are firmly in the present.

She lives in the North Island of New Zealand with her family, and like all romance authors, shares life with assorted pets –  including guinea pigs and a bunny who all have free reign of the back yard.

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If you like a mystery check out the next book

Home for Wayward Husbands photo Homeforwayward_zps60ca505f.jpg

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About the Author:

I was born in Arkansas, played in Louisiana, and lived in Texas. Mostly in a small border town called Texarkana. It’s just about a mile from here to there. And you still aren’t anywhere. It’s the kind of town in which you can stand on the steps of a Baptist church and lob a rock across State Line Road to hit the front door of the liquor store. No matter how many roads you take to get out of there, it’s the kind of town that just hangs in your soul, coloring everything you do or think or say. Kind of like the small Texas town you’ll read about in A Home for Wayward Husbands. A Home for Wayward Husbands is about people surviving with the odds all against them. There’s some romance, some sex and a bit of mystery. The folks in this book are trying to keep secrets from each other and everyone knows you can’t keep a good secret in a small town. Not in any I’ve ever lived in anyway. I live with a dog and my imagination.

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Complete Surrender photo CompleteSurrender_zpsf94ecdbe.jpg

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About the Author:

Ju Ephraime began writing professionally at the age of 19, but her love of romantic literature developed when she was a teenager, where she often found herself dallying with her own tales of love and romance. Two decades later, Ju decided to write novels for women who enjoy a quick spicy-themed read that includes pure pleasure and escape from the real world. With ten romantic novels to her credit, Ju admits her books are part fact, part imagination – but only she knows what’s what.

Ju Ephraime lives in Connecticut with her husband, who blushingly reads every loving tale that she publishes. Her newest release, Complete Surrender, #3 in her LaCasse Series, is set to be released on January 2014.

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Enter the Giveaway!

Here is where you can enter to be one of FOUR Amazon gift card winners

There is a total of $130 usd to be given away in four  prizes of $60, $40  $20 and $10

This drawing will run through 23.59 EST on 1 March, winners will be notified on 2 March and have 24 hours to respond before another winner is chosen, Prizes are sponsored by participating authors and will be fulfilled by Bippity Boppity Book Virtual Tours. You must be 18 or older to enter.

Book Blast and #Giveaway – The Fallen by Lee French and Erik Kort

No one keeps secrets from her…
The Fallen
by Lee French and Erik Kort
Publication Date: January 26, 2014

Series: The Greatest Sin #1

Genre: Fantasy

For hundreds of years, the Blaukenev clan has wandered across Tilzam, from one end to the other and back. Each wagon carries history, love, laughter, pain, sorrow, and secrets. Their greatest secret of all may be Chavali, the clan Seer.

damn her. 

With her gift/curse, nothing surprises her anymore, no one keeps secrets from her. She, on the other hand, has more than enough secrets to keep. Secrets of her own, secrets of her clan, secrets of the world, secrets she even keeps from herself.

There are always people who want secrets. 
Some will do anything to get what they want. 

The Fallen is the foundation of the story of The Greatest Sin, of a world adrift from its God that desperately wants Her back. Chavali’s comfortable, predictable life will be ripped apart and burnt to ashes as she’s forced into the middle of that struggle. Change, she hates it passionately. It hates her right back.

Available on:

About Lee French and Erik Kort
Lee French lives in Worcester, MA with two kids, two mice, two bicycles, and too much stuff. She is an avid gamer and active member of the Myth-Weavers online RPG community, where she is known for her fondness for Angry Ninja Squirrels of Doom. In addition to spending much time there, she also trains year-round for the one-week of glorious madness that is RAGBRAI, has a nice flower garden with absolutely no lawn gnomes, and tries in vain every year to grow vegetables that don’t get devoured by neighborhood wildlife.
Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads  |  Pinterest

Erik Kort abides in the glorious Pacific Northwest, otherwise known as Mirkwood-Without-The-Giant-Spiders. Though the spiders often grow too numerous for his comfort. He is defended from all eight-legged threats by his brave and overly tolerant wife, and is mocked by his obligatory writer’s cat. When not writing, Erik comforts the elderly, guides youths through vast wildernesses, and smuggles more books into his library of increasingly alarming size.
This event has a Giveaway too!

Book Blast Carnival Plus a #Giveaway!

Banner photo BBCBanner_zps20e6ac58.jpg

Today I welcome you to the Book Blast Carnival Hop. Read how ten authors are presenting their titles, and enter a giveaway where you can win an Amazon Gift Card of $60, $40  $20 and $10 .

Also many of the titles are on a limited time only sale of $0.99 for the eBook version. The genres include Romance, Science Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal, and Literary Fiction.


Let’s start with Irrefutable Proof by Abby L. Vandiver

Irrefutable Proof photo IrrefutableProof_zps004fa5cf.jpg
Download a Sample  Purchase Now: Amazon
About the Author:

Born and raised in Ohio, Abby L. Vandiver is a former lawyer and college professor of Economics. She holds a bachelor in Economics, a master in Public Administration and a Juris Doctor. These days, Ms. Vandiver enjoys writing and endeavors to devote all her extra time to it.

Her debut novel, In the Beginning, an Amazon #1 bestseller, was written on a whim, put in a box for more than a decade, and finally pulled out, dusted off and published in 2013. It has inspired her to write a sequel, Irrefutable Proof, as well as start a series of books loosely based on her family and a true crime novel.

Ms. Vandiver resides in Cleveland, Ohio and has three wonderful grandchildren, Gavin, Sydne and Riley.

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Quintspinner photo Quintspinner_zps68477c45.jpg
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About the Author:

Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, Dianne Greenlay saves lives by day (besides being a writer, she is a physiotherapist in a remote sole charge clinic as well as a retired EMT), and she tells lies by night (as any entertaining fiction writer would do). She is also a playwright and Creative Director of the very successful and long-running community theater group, Darkhorse Theatre.

As an author, she has won multiple awards for her historical action novels, Quintspinner- A Pirate’s Quest and Deadly Misfortune. Straying into the genre of humour/comedy, Greenlay is the author of The Camping Guy, which is also available as a one act comedy (live theater script).

Greenlay began writing her first novel to fulfill one of the items on her bucket list. It was either that or learn to play the bagpipes. Her husband is grateful for her choice. She is fluent in at least her mother tongue and she thanks her fierce English teachers for that.

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And one more for the road
Finding Home by Jackie Weger

Finding Home photo FindingHome_zpse032d160.jpg

Download a Sample  Purchase Now at Amazon
About the Author:

An award-winning author, Jackie Weger has been writing romance novels off and on for thirty years. She’s traveled to many interesting and exotic locales from London and Paris to Panama and Costa Rica. She’s sailed on a twenty-nine foot sloop in the Pacific, volunteered at a Sisters of Mercy Mission in Colon, canoed on the Big East River in the wilds of Canada and lived part of a winter with trappers in the Louisiana swamps—collecting memories, friends and experiences—which oft times make appearances in her novels. Writing and self-publishing enovels is a new adventure. Says Weger: “I won’t say it’s safe because half the time I don’t know what I’m doing. But, at least I don’t have to carry a machete or keep snake gun handy.”

Book Blast Carnival is Jackie’s first blog tour experience, let’s make it a special one for her by wishing her the best of luck.
How was your first ever …?
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And then there is the Giveaway!

Here is where you can enter to be one of FOUR Amazon gift card winners
There is a total of $130 usd to be given away in four  prizes of $60, $40  $20 and $10
This drawing will run through 23.59 EST on 1 March, winners will be notified on 2 March and have 24 hours to respond before another winner is chosen, Prizes are sponsored by participating authors and will be fulfilled by Bippity Boppity Book Virtual Tours. You must be 18 or older to enter.