Gravity with Sandra ‘Panic’ Bullock

I’ve been nagged into watching this because it has an oscar. Why? The oscar I mean. I have no idea, the movie is nothing more than Sandra Bullock f****ng things up, hyperventilating and then miraculously being the only survivor. That about sums up this block buster. It made me want to …

Okay, it is full of great visuals, but Sandra F*****ng Bollock ruins the experience. One minute she’s going to save George, but the window of opportunity comes and goes when she has a me-moment when she saves herself only to panic again and …

And at the end she pops the hatch repeating Gus Grissom’s screwing the pooch, sinking her into the lake. Of course she swims to the surface and saves herself because it’s still a Hollywood film, but what a waste of an hour and a half of my life.

Now I just want to read a really, really good book and forget about this experience, because frankly watching this movie was …


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