Writing Contest – 5 Minute Fiction



#5MinuteFiction is a frantic dash through the imagination as writers have 15 minutes to see a prompt, conceive of an idea, and write their story before the buzzer sounds. Add some excitement to your Tuesday night and join us!


As a reward authors get four days of promotion with links to their book and website on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter, plus Google+ to a lesser degree (because it is impossible to schedule posts there).

The profile post includes questions that the authors about themselves and their work via email

Authors need to be able to judge between 7:45-8:45 pm CST (-6 GMT) on their Tuesday night

The contest post goes live at 7:30 pm CST Tuesday nights

Contestants post their entries in the comments of the post

Time is called at 7:45

Judges choose their favorite 5 entries

Readers vote through the day Wednesday for their favorite

Winner is announced Wednesday night

Can’t get any easier, right? If it weren’t for the time I would participate myself, I might one day.

Wendy Strain, the current host for this great contest has an Indiegogo campaign running, check it out, come back to tell us you’ve shared and/or supported to get an extra surprise perk. (of course you will have to bring proof of the act 🙂 )


3 thoughts on “Writing Contest – 5 Minute Fiction

  1. Thank you so much for announcing this on your blog, Lucy! You have been so supportive and thank you for helping with my campaign. I wish you great success in your own campaign!

    The contest is a lot of fun for everyone. I hope you’ll join us, Kharis and William. Something I forgot to mention, If the time is off for you (as in that’s the middle of the night), there is another way you can almost play along. Tuesday promotion posts appear three times during the day. They are one-liners quoted from the featured author’s featured work. You can set the timer and write your own 5 minute fiction response and share it with us using the Twitter hashtag #5MinuteFiction. It’s on the honor system and no perks other than community, but it’s pretty effective at getting the fingers moving. 🙂

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