Meet author Lucy Pireel

I hardly ever talk about me, but I’ve been interviewed by Joe Perrone, the author that was a guest on here not so very long ago, and … Well read it yourself and find out.

Author Joe Perrone Jr's Blog

Please join me in welcoming author Lucy Pireel.     Lucy Pireel

JOE:  Lucy, the first thing I noticed when I looked at your Amazon author’s page was the diversity of your work.  Is diversity something that you deliberately strive for, or has it just happened that way?

LUCY:  I guess that just happened. When I’m writing I never know how it will turn out to be. I have a general plot line, but things happen, characters develop, grow, and decide what they want regardless of the fact that I’m supposed to be in charge.

 JOE:  When did you first discover that you wanted to write, and how many books have you written?

LUCY:  I’ve always had a vivid imagination, but truly, writing that never came into the picture until my son wanted pirate stories that weren’t already there.  I’ve written a great many manuscripts, but books as in published…

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