How To Write Live Like a Goblin on Why

Another Monday, another post by my resident Goblin. This time he ponders on the why and how of posting, or writing, for is writing a blog post not writing as if he were writing a novel, but then his life, so isn’t he actually writing his memoir in his blog posts. Or rather his forum posts, because that is where I ‘harvest’ these contributions from this elusive creature.


“…what is your goal then, why do you post…” asked the goblin, adding “…I know why I post, but why do you post or never post…”, by now the goblin had written so often about his dailylife, that homage to the moneygod, and about knowing oneself from what one posts, etc., but in the end, the answer is not something one has to prove to others here, nor is it a belief either, it is just seeing it for oneself, “…my goal is to pass my existence through the focus of my pen…” said the goblin knowing that anything the goblin had ever experienced had become just that much clearer for his having written about it too, “…that’s what this posting is to me…” voiced the goblin in the empty evening room once more, before the next demand of dailylife called him away once more


And why do you write?


5 thoughts on “How To Write Live Like a Goblin on Why

  1. Writing posts give me an outlet for all the thoughts in my brain, my head is only big enough to hold so much, so I got to get them out somehow! 😀 Great posts, always enjoy Goblin’s musings.

    • (“…well, I’m here to hear whatever you care to share with me now, where some say I’m good at listening too…” went the goblin simply glad for the company on his journey here, adding “…no, l love this concept of anonymity, it’s like my posts are on their own the moment they’re written, but then to have your company too, kind of makes my day then…”)

  2. (“…nice to see the ones you choose…” went the goblin down with a cold now, but even so, he still waved at those who had hit the like button, asking “…and how was your day then…”)

    • (“…yes, you’re very much you by your pen then, and I like it…” smiled the goblin appreciating willamkendall1’s company, adding “…and what you write is what I get to read here, so it’s in my interest to encourage you further, and moreover, what with more readers on this internet here today than in that bookworld there, you and I had better come up with something that pulls these readers towards our pens…”, and still those voices were going “…don’t listen to goblin’s, for your writing will suffer for it…”, but the goblin simply smiled again, for what was wrong with suffering slightly if it meant readership too)

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