DI Lyle Mystery Series Box Set by Juliet B Madison

Juliet asked me if she could have some room on the blog to tell us more about DI Lyle. So, I won’t take up any more of your time with my blabbing but let her have her say. Take it away, Juliet.


With the crap weather most of us the world over are NOT enjoying nothing could be better to cuddle up with than a long book.

If you like UK based police procedural thrillers than quite frankly (no pun intended) you could do much worse than settle down with DI Frank Lyle’s Mystery Box Set. This book gives you three great novels in one place with an excerpt from a forthcoming one. Chilling murders, inspired detection and a gorgeous six feet plus blonde blue eyed detective what more could you ladies want?

Mel Box Set

For the first time all three DI Frank Lyle Mystery Series novels are in one place. All have been revised and this collection also contains a taster excerpt from the forthcoming DI Frank Lyle Mystery Murder in the Wings.


1982 – The rape and murder of a teenage girl obsesses DI Frank Lyle. He struggles to balance work with the demands of his embittered ex wife, Sarah, but does not solve the case. A wrongful arrest leads to a murder in custody and DI Lyle pays a heavy price; both personally and professionally.

1987 – The victim’s father asks DI Lyle to reinvestigate his daughter’s murder. Working reluctantly with newly promoted DI Simon Ward, Lyle and his team move forward. Then a second murder occurs, but when the killer is unmasked can Lyle deal with the shocking truth of his identity?


Warning: this novel contains references to indecency against minors.

Why was Alex Carnegie – heir to a corporate fortune – living rough on the streets of Ashbeck when he was murdered?

Enquiries lead DI Lyle and his team to uncover blackmail and local authority corruption.

Two more murders occur, and DI Lyle is forced to stare into the abyss where he uncovers the sordid secret that one man is forced to kill to keep hidden. And who is the traitor in the ranks at Ashbeck CID?


The murder of a curate at an ecumenical conference leads DI Lyle and his team to discover the shocking and somewhat tragic past of the victim, whom no one appears to have known very well.

Assisted by Canon Thomas Rice, a former police officer, DI Lyle works his way through a tangled web which leads to a recently released prisoner with a deep-seated hatred of the church. Can Lyle penetrate the unholy alliance formed between the ex con and a corrupt police officer? And will a little knowledge prove a dangerous thing?

This DI Lyle collection also includes a foreword written by much respected Indie author Gerry McCullough who I am privileged to count as a fan of the series and the man himself.

You can get your copy from your local Amazon Kindle store with just one click.



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