Troll La La La La Laaaaaa

My dear friend and fellow author/blogger gives some great advice about how to handle those that live under bridges.

Jo Robinson

When I first joined the old interweb I was pure as the driven snow. Well…. Maybe not so much, but my eyeballs hadn’t encountered as many unexpected, flaming burns as they have these days. My first experiences with a couple of the various breeds of troll were quite traumatic. Mainly for the trolls I think. These days I just ignore the idiots.

I had a Facebook troll who was incredibly abusive about one of my short stories on my timeline. I don’t mind critique, but even the white space around the words enraged this fella. I made the mistake of politely responding to him. I was a newbie scribbler back then, and his nasty remarks pretty much broke my heart. As the conversation continued, it became clear that the guy hadn’t read much more than Archie comics, and he was just having a blast being a mean prat. Unfortunately, instead…

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4 thoughts on “Troll La La La La Laaaaaa

  1. I have read Jo’s original post which is excellent. At bottom most trolls are, I feel sure cowards. It is very easy to hide behind a keyboard and throw insults. However many of these trolls would quake in their boots at the prospect of engaging in such behaviour in a face-to-face situation. They would lack the stomach for it. The phrase “get a life” is much over used but, in the case of trolls it is wholly appropriate, Kevin

  2. (“…so welcome to my world then…” smiled the goblin kind of introducing himself as a livewriter of sorts, and then continuing “…more or less the moment one starts writing online, trolls appear to try their luck, being the fault of online interaction perhaps, where yes, on blogs at least one can ban them, delete their posts, etc., but on forumland there’s no such leeway is there, yet their barbs rarely change where an imaginative livewriter can use their wit to good purpose upon them…”, and with that the goblin turned back to Jo and grew as smile to the words “…at your good service then, merely my pen is yours for the asking then, where I would be only too happy to take those trollls off your hands should you care to send them my way next time…”)

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