How To Write Live Like A Goblin on The Journey To Self

Yet another Monday and again I’ve found a post by the Goblin on The Writer’s Beat. This time it’s all about writing.


and with that the goblin just explained it, saying”…this thread is a book of sorts, and yes there are millions of real books out there, and almost every one of them was better than this one, but they all had one thing in common, they were all dead and published whereas here, where one is both reader and writer now, posters just get woven into these pages…”, the goblin then smiled looking at the slot again, “…take that journey to self goblin, while you still can that is…” it seemed to be saying each time, adding “…goblin, dailylife and that moneygod will just leave you feeling empty and cheap, so who are you really then, don’t you want to know who you are by what you post, so make each post count now, write in the post itself, and become a livewriter while there’s still time…”



What do you think? Does your true self shines through your written words?

4 thoughts on “How To Write Live Like A Goblin on The Journey To Self

  1. I try to post honestly, and let my personality come through my posts. I like to think as my blog as my journal on my journey to becoming self-published, and it’s only going to be a true diary if I am honest in the posts.

    Great post! Very thought-provoking 🙂

    • (“…oh I’m sure if you keep at it your personality comes through in the end, where I’ll keep you company if you like and together we can journey now…” went the goblin who didn’t have a blog, nor a forum, nor even a facebook wall for that matter, adding”…poor me, all this blogworld is quite new to me now, you see I’m just a persona here, and what’s a persona you might ask, well I’d have to confess that I’ve still finding out but I guess it’s something like of a mask portraying the alter-ego behind it…”, at which point the slot in its hunger just gulped the post down again)

    • (the goblin saluted williamkedall1 again, grateful for the company now, saying “…ours is to witness then, where it would be a pity to go through life not noting what there is to be noted for that which they want us to note instead, just that one lives a life that one mostly forgets, and one sees the news as elsewhere too, so I guess this is why I fight with my pen here but I don’t battle anyone though…”)

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