How to Write Live like a Goblin on Compromising

Today the Goblin reflects on how to fit in.


the idea perhaps was “wearing the specs of the site”, but it wasn’t so much that the goblin compromised, or changed himself to fit into style of the site so much as the site itself changed him and his view of his posting to it, “…simply, I slowly become more like those sites that I am active on, that’s all…”, where the opposite would be some insensitive troll who never changed under the forum/venue, concluding “…so wearing the specs is an important consideration in choosing one’s forum/venue then…”



Do you compromise to fit in?

3 thoughts on “How to Write Live like a Goblin on Compromising

  1. (“…one wonders if those on this blogworld here would understand how it differs upon that forumland there…” smiled the goblin suspecting too that each forum in its turn had influenced him somewhat, adding “…ah, but in a blog would one really need to adapt oneself to others, resulting in being both its advantage and its disadvantage too I imagine…”, and with that the goblin just thanked the mouse for her choice again)

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