How To LiveWrite Like A Goblin on Reflection

I’ve found another post by the Goblin, this time he reflects upon himself. Or is he actually trying to lure his readers to make the journey to self?


the goblin always posted against himself here, or at least that part of him that was ever saying that there was nothing worth posting in life, “…so I win against this empty feeling then…” said the goblin in the dark for early morning, outside, the cold announced the coming of snow again, and the difficulties of it, where inside too, the room was a chill sharp silence that the goblin’s own warmth wasn’t enough to really change, “…yes I will just post this and then return to bed to rest I suppose…” voiced the goblin, continuing “…besides, the future will just happen anyway, but at any rate at least I’ll have gained a certain spiritually by having faced myself, just an ability of matching myself to my posts here, a thankless ability perhaps, something both useless and worthless in terms of one’s dailylife and that moneygod again, maybe even a bitter fruit by way of what one sees by it, but still these posts are a reflection of self, and they are all the more me precisely because they are useless and worthless then…”



Is self-reflection something you engage in?


One thought on “How To LiveWrite Like A Goblin on Reflection

  1. (“…I think the chameleon once likened my posts to [i]the longest suicide note in history[/i]…” mentioned the goblin thanking the mouse then, adding “…nice choice though…”)

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