How To Write Live Like A Goblin on Growth

Today I’ve got a short one for you to ponder on. Do you agree with our resident Goblin?


“…what doesn’t kill you grows you as they say…” mentioned the goblin, adding “…but what one grows is often a form of sobrietyin place of happiness…”, somehow it seems that to be forever angry with something that happened in the past is the price of one’s present awareness about it


6 thoughts on “How To Write Live Like A Goblin on Growth

  1. (“…good choice, and sorry about the typo too unless you can place the space there to correct it, but the balance between “awareness” and “happiness” is a recurrent theme with me, a juxtaposition even as in [i]a happy docile sheep viewed by a sad knowing wolf[/i]…” mentioned the goblin thanking the mouse once more)

  2. Anger is like a disease. It can make you tense and miserable. It usually does nothing to solve the situation. My husband had an interesting philosophy, and I’ll quote. “Don’t get angry; get even.” He paid no heed to my response, “If you want to get even, you are angry.”

    • (“…and again your comment feeds me something to ponder now…” mentioned the goblin who couldn’t “get even” with his past he felt, sighing “…just that people have their memories then, yet instead the writer seems like plagued by ghosts each time, and when the curtains finally close and those readers have left the venue the writer is left alone with them still, and how they seem to jump out at one in those unguarded moments too, it’s our shared life with them then, but you and I know that much already, for whatever one writes seems to write one back here, but the reader sees only the entertainment of it, but no, the writer has to live with the ghosts like this, yes that us isn’t it…”)

    • (“…yes, wrong picture perhaps…” agreed the goblin smiling, confessing too that matching the texts to pictures was probably the hardest part of posting, explaining “…if one adds a picture each time, then slowly pictures will pop up while typing, and conversely texts will appear while seeing pictures, adding “…three goals within my anonymity here, a writer’s way with words, an illustrator’s eye, and a credible persona, and all simply by posting too, so how about you now, what are your goals…”)

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