How To Be Happy

“To rule ones self is to rule ones world,” says the little mouse more to herself than to anyone in particular. “But can they, really? Isn’t each human a creature ruled by nature and nurture? Do not their emotions often take the upper hand over reason? Does not their very nature not allow for a complete ruling of their selves?” The little mouse shakes her head and thinks on what Marcus Aurelius supposedly has said, “Both happiness and unhappiness depend on perception.” To extend on that the little mouse likes to think one can be as happy as one decides to be if that one can see the past for what is is, events come and gone and the future as infinite possibilities, but that only the now matters and if one can accept the now for what it is and be happy with the now, actually decide to be happy to be in the now true happiness can prevail over wants and wishes and one can start to rule ones self over the emotions that nature and nurture have burdened each human with. “If only the human could get past regrets of actions or the lack thereof and let go of expectations of humans surrounding them. Let go of the notion of even wanting to rule their world they would be on the path to find their perfect world, their perfect self.” The little mouse stares into the flames and sighs. “Alas, perfection is an illusion and as such unobtainable, the only thing one can hope for is to find ones inner most self and be happy with the who one is imperfections, faults, and darkness included, for one has to embrace the whole of ones self before on can trule start to try and rule ones self, if one so desires.” Rising to fill her glass the little mouse says, “Better still is to give up the will to rule and just accept ones self and all others for what they are. Ah, but that would be a perfect world, and perfection does not exists, or does it?”

12 thoughts on “How To Be Happy

  1. (the goblin liked the work the mouse had just done, knowing too, just how hard a topic the subject of “perfection” was to tackle then, to which he merely repeated a line that had got in hot water on more than once upon writer’s forums, repeating “…no, it’s not that it’s perfect that it’s pulling, it’s that it’s pulling that it’s perfect…”, where yes indeed the goblin had been pulled onwards by the mouse’s lines there)

  2. Oh gosh, I don’t have any experience to give you advice on this, but I sympathise and wish you all the best! It’s confusing enough when readers give me contradictory feedback on my short stories! xx

    • Thank you, Kharis. This is actually a post of my own hand, I just post on several forums as ‘the little mouse’ with these musings and will from now on be more regular with sharing these thought bubbles on the blog too. 🙂

  3. Hi Lucy. Thanks for the post shared by Jo Robinson to Google circles. “Be Here Now” from Ram Dass is one of my favorite books, reminding me that to be fully in the moment is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

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