It’s All in the Mind – How Does Your Mind Work?

What is the first thought that comes up while reading this little piece of flash fiction?

All That's Written ...

Ron likes to play games, games that I thoroughly enjoy. My lips quirk at the memory of the other night. He came up behind me, laid his hands on my waist and whispered, “Close your eyes and come with me.”

Of course I walked to where he led me. Making sure not to let me bump into any furniture, he guided me through the room, by the time we’d crossed the suite I had no idea where I was.

“Don’t peek,” he said. He trailed one hand up, along my side lightly touching my breast, the heavy weight of it then rested on my shoulder, while his other whirled me around facing him. He breathed against my lips, “I have something for you.”

Willingly, I lowered until I sat.

“Now you may look.” His voice a husky, low sound.

As I opened my eyes, my lips parted at the sight…

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8 thoughts on “It’s All in the Mind – How Does Your Mind Work?

      • It would be lovely Lucy love to get all your news. I’m smiley me again now after some crazy weeks. Got a new puppy too. I hope you’re smiley Lucy too right now. 🙂 xxxxx

      • I’m soooo busy, I feel drained right now, but as you know I keep on smiling because life’s just to short to spend it moaning. 🙂 A puppy and you’re smiley you again, good to hear. xoxoxo

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