NetGalley and Me

I know, I’m not the world’s most wanted reviewer, but I am very glad to have been discovered on and am now prompted by them to read titles for publishers like Random House and the likes. I’m so glad it makes me feel all …

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You too can become a reviewer. Sign up on, create a review blog, and start reading, reviewing and sharing those reviews all over the interwebz.

Yes, I am a self-publishing author with a secret wish to one day be discovered and have my book on NetGalley too, but for now I am feeling very happy with the books that are being offered to me to read for review, because to be honest, they are pretty good. 🙂


Just today I finished The Murder Bag by Tony Parsons cover MurderBagafter having read quite a few self-published titles that left me unsatisfied, this one showed what quality is about. And yes it was a title by Random House.

So, yes even if it has been proven that there are very talented indies out there that do deliver quality, this NetGalley service is a treasure trove for us reviewers. If you can get your foot in the door. I have no idea how I got noticed as a reviewer, but I’m glad I was.


9 thoughts on “NetGalley and Me

    • Aw! Thank you Mari. Who knows an agent might one day remember that when I decide, if I decide to submit The Power of Three instead of going indie with that one too.

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