How To Write Live Like a Goblin on Daily Life

It seems to me the Goblin felt that writing/posting is what keeps him alive, or at least his mind.


early evening, and the moneygod has now released his lackey goblin to his own devices, usually meaning a tromp to the bistro, a coffee and the “last post” threads where, caffeine and WIFI permitting, the goblin will regain some semblance of sanity simply by trying to write it all out of his system, yet the more the goblin wrote about dailylife, the more that disparity became obvious to him, his dailylife was not his sum total then, but against that it was as if that line “what in one’s life is worth posting” just bugged him knowing that the moment the goblin replied to himself “…nothing, so I won’t post anymore…” that the goblin would simply be dead before his death too, another mind drowned in its dailylife now


What keeps you alive and sane?


3 thoughts on “How To Write Live Like a Goblin on Daily Life

  1. (“…perhaps not just to live then, but to be truly aware too, now wouldn’t that be something worth one’s every effort for here…” ventured the goblin thanking the mouse for here choice again, adding “…where the external is like learning to let it go eventually, as in letting go then, whereas this internal is like learning to capture it eventually, as in getting there perhaps…”, and how it seemed that the goblin’s inner world forms while his outer world crumbles away, smiling “…and whoever said “you can’t take it with you” never really understood that whatever one writes out of oneself simply writes itself back into oneself too, where I will take this inner world with me then, for I mean who can take the writings out of the writer now, so I guess we all die as most creatures of habit would taking those traits with us still…”)

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