How to Write Live and Truly Be Free

“How can the government ration rationality? They feed their humans reasons to justify rationing of free will in bite-sized portions for humans to digest without a massive roar of the people, but then again, the lack of usage of free by most humans leaves room for governments to step in and decide what is right and just, and then reason their rationing of the amount of free will humans have left to use, leaving little or no room for free will in the free Western society where humans point their fingers at oppressive regimes but lack the eyes to see the restraints their own regimes oppress them with.” Lucy smiles and sips her hot coffee. “But not all humans can see reasons for opening their eyes to what is in front of them and drone on along the path to their final destination. One that might lure and shine with a glimmer of hope for better days, but life is only what one makes of it and does not happen if one does not work at it. If only humans would ration their greed and ration their wants and wishes to suit their needs, and do not rationalise the government’s reign over their free will, wouldn’t that be another step towards a perfect world? But then again, perfection doesn’t exists …” And Lucy looks at the picture, one she changed to suit a need. “Yes, it can be done without greed. A trade is made which suits a need without rationing or interference.”



3 thoughts on “How to Write Live and Truly Be Free

    • Good question, Kharis. What do you think? I think our freedom comes with constraints and to be truly free one needs to be willing to fight for the right to be free, but wouldn’t that go against ahimsa? Or is letting the government control you the thing that goes against ahimsa because it injures yourself?

      • To maintain freedom we need a body of control (the government). Still it’s up to all of us to maintain the “freedom” we enjoy and take for granted in the Western World. In many countries where freedom and religion collide, this means war, and in this atmosphere of uprising, freedom is curtailed. The question is, how is freedom maintained without the evils of internal or external war? Then we’re back to the same choice, we need a governing body to ensure the laws of the land are enforced and are fair laws. Of course this is viewed by some as too much government, but it’s up to each adult to put the right and just person in charge of our welfare- our future and our present. This state of equanimity doesn’t come easily, but after all the civil wars, protests, riots, etc. it is achieved.

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