How To Write Like a Goblin on The Past

Today’s post by the Goblin is one that once again had me thinking, this time of my own past.


the goblin’s ghosts made a queue to be posted here, the first one said “…I was the you in the troubadour coffeeshop remember, you would learn languages there only to then say goodbye to everyone leaving them for that disco alone where you danced for hours until finally the disco closed and still alone you walked home along the thames river bank, you had the light body of cat that belonged to the night with its two moons like eyes, one reflected in water to other in sparking night sky, yes, you had your full youth, your power and in that ever intense silence and freedom you had in an overwhelming sense of self existence too, didn’t you goblin, all cloaked in a “warm night” that, as if, gave you its body as your partner…”, the ghost fell silent now, looking at the goblin the way people do when they are powerless, so the goblin just promised “… no don’t worry ghost, I will never go back there looking for my past body of you, I am not that stupid…” a smile, perhaps even a tear came across ghost’s face, and with that he slipped back into the depth and darkness where the goblin’s memories reside


Would you ever want to go back in time?


5 thoughts on “How To Write Like a Goblin on The Past

  1. I have so many things I’d like to change, I wouldn’t be able to choose just one – and if I change one, it may change some, or all, of the other things for the worse.
    Best to live for the moment and let the sleeping dogs lay as they (might) say 😀

  2. (“…you’re right, we should never go back to our past then, plus it’s never the same if one does…” smiled the goblin so often surrounded by ghosts it seemed, and how his life seemed increasingly burdensome by their number, where addressing them once more he simply remarks aloud now “…well, I guess only I remember you today, yet without you all my bittersweet ghosts where would my identity be I wonder, so I guess that heaven will be full my ghosts if I ever go there then, no more likely I suspect that they’ll just be acompanying me here still…”)

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