How To Write Like a Goblin on Futility

The Goblin never ceases to make me wonder about stuff that is unsaid, but there nevertheless.


the goblin, at this point, walked alone along a beach in his imagination where, having come across a washed up stick, the goblin suddenly wonders what he could write across the wet sand on this windy day, “…well, aren’t you wasting your time impudent goblin…” came a very old voice somewhere outside him “… surely, you know very well that I will just wash your scribbles away with the next tide…” came the mocking sea’s voice carried through its waves faintly under in the sea breeze on to the still goblin, it seemed to continue “…go ahead and write, write and be dammed for all I care since I will only wash it away…” the sea repeated again and again to the goblin who after a long while moved the stick slowly across the sand writing “for now I know the gods must envy us our mortality”, after which the goblin ran up to the waves and flung the stick to the sea retorting “…ah but I, in my one little moment, can write on this sand, so take this stick and show me what it is that you, with your forever, can write then…” but the stick just floated in the water, perhaps to drift back to the goblin, perhaps not then, as the goblin walked on passed that day but never really far from the grip that it held on him still


Do you ever do something even though you know it’s futile?


7 thoughts on “How To Write Like a Goblin on Futility

  1. (“…I was lucky to find that picture…” mentioned the goblin thanking the mouse for choosing one that he himself liked amongst his many, adding “…and thanks for showing me this blogworld too, all these folks here whom I would have never met otherwise…”)

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      • (“…indeed I am indebted to the mouse for showing me her blogworld and for letting me meet the bloggers upon it…” ventured the goblin quickly adding “…and perhaps too, the biggest difference between that bookworld there and this world here is the live interaction between us now, moreso even on forumland where a livewriter is an act perhaps though he more likely he’s actually a persona then, something that portrays its alter-ego behind it…”, in fact, the goblin knew full well that if he ever stepped out of his anonymity even for a moment his persona would shatter into pieces, and thus peter pan had to watch wendy getting old, whereupon the goblin just smiled “…me, I’ll never grow old like this, yes but I can never lay claim to my posts neither, so they are on their own the moment they are written but at least I was able to see myself by them, and to meet you too, not but for a nobody…”)

  3. (“…the last line should have read “not bad for a nobody”…” went the goblin seeing his typo too late again)

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