Psychos: A White Girl Problems Book

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First let me tell you I haven’t laughed and was so annoyed at the same time with a character as with Babe while reading this book. Wonderfully witty, and insanely shallow, exactly how I imagine a too rich, spoiled young adult living the high life would be. Is that good? Or is it stereotyping? I have no idea, but what is good is that this book reads like a breeze and at no point there was anything that threw me off, or made me want to stop reading.

The characters were all very much alive and realistic. I loved the face that the main character throws names, places, and brands in the mix and then just says, “Google it.” Makes you as a reader feel that she knows you’re reading her story, and she’s in a dialogue with you. That she’s actually telling her story to you. Very cleverly done that.

The end was a nice conclusion of the whole messed up affair that Babe’s life was, while there is room for more to come, or she might just be alright and we never hear from Babe again. I would feel sorry for her if things go wrong again and Babette returns to haunt her, but then again it would make for new material for another book to enjoy.

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