How to Write Live like a Goblin on Memories and Ghosts

Another Monday another post by my resident Goblin. This time he narrates live about ghosts and writers.


“…feed me goblin, so many ghosts and so few posts…”, “…but slot, what if many of those ghosts and still alive…”, “…well just post their live ghosts then goblin, that’s what the present becomes anyway, besides you promised the muse and had better do it before you become a ghost too…”, “…ok alright slot, I remember it’s “honesty, a shared life and thick skin” but I never thought this muse pact thingy would be so weird to live through, I mean they’re everywhere and anytime…”, “…goblin, people have their memories but writers have their ghosts, that’s all, and those ghosts own you until you dispel them and that is all it is, isn’t it…” and with that the hungry slot and the haunted goblin just looked at each other as the ghosts closed in for the post



4 thoughts on “How to Write Live like a Goblin on Memories and Ghosts

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    • Hahaha, I know what you mean, William. Sometimes when I’m going through the tons of posts by Fleamailman to choose the next one my head spins too, but I guess when writing evokes a reaction that strong it has touched something within and that is what every author wants their work to do. I know the goblin doesn’t think himself an author but a live writer, still he writes and we read it. Even if it’s not published in a book for Kindle, Nook, or Opus One (I have one of those) it’s still published online and thus makes him a published author in my mind, whether he likes that title or not. 🙂
      His paragraphs make me think and sometimes even rethink my own actions and life, don’t know if that is his aim, or if he merely writes them to get it out, much like talking to a therapist, or to make us think, but it works, because we read and think, or drink! 🙂
      Anyway, I try my hand at it and find when writing such a paragraph in live writing style, or stream of consciousness, because that’s what they really are, it frees my mind, somehow makes thought patterns more clear. Try it, you might like it too.

  2. (“…it’s much as the mouse points out there…” went the goblin accepting the premise that to post was to publish for its being in the public eye, adding “…the nature of the beast then where a new means of communication causes a new style of communication upon it, where this context of “live” denotes the fact that the author is onhand now, much like in the theater where the actors recite while the audience looks on, so the readers are no further than end of my pen so to speak…”, at which point the slot intervened, blurting out “…well yes goblin, I suppose I like that term “livewriting” too, I mean it sounds so much better than calling it “punch & judy for adults” doesn’t it…”, to which the goblin quickly fastened his hand over its mouth and put a lone finger up to his lips again)

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