Yoga in Tokyo With Leslie Kaminoff


Have you always wanted to go to Japan and never found the right reasons? Well, here’s your reason. Join Leslie Kaminoff for a workshop at the Under The Light Yoga Studio in Tokyo and enjoy Japan.

Leslie is very excited to return there this year, below you can read why.


During your 2013 visit to Asia:

  1. Did you have a favorite experience?
    We fell in love with Hakone while staying at the Tenseien ryokan. We’ll be returning there between the Hong Kong Asia Yoga Conference and my workshop in Tokyo.
  2. How about favorite food?
    The absolutely freshest sushi of my life at Tsukiji fish market early one morning.
  3. Did you experience any notable cultural differences?
    Yes! the absolute horror exrpressed whenever we tried to tip anybody. To us it demonstrated that good service is considered obligatory, not something surprising or deserving of reward. Definitely different from the United States.
  4. Anything else to share?
    You can take a look at this set of photos on Flickr. It gives a pretty good sense of some of the things we saw, found beautiful, different from home and memorable.

I wish I could go, but alas I won’t be able to this year. However, I’m already saving for a great trip next year and somehow I think that might just be a trip to Japan.

Click here to register if you want to participate this year.



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