Author of the Day – Lorelei Bell

Lorelei at my book signing 2013 AprilHi Lorelei, thanks for taking the time to answer a few of my questions. Not at all, this will be fun. Nice to visit you again, Lucy!

I know you have a job aside of the full time job that being an author is, would you ever want to leave that and dedicate all your time to writing or are you, like me, one of the lucky people to earn money loving doing what they love?  I would leave it in a heartbeat, are you kidding? Driving transit (bus) is no picnic!

If you were given the choice would you go visit the set of the original Dracula film, Nosferatu, or would you want to visit a place from True Blood, the series based on the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse novels? Probably the Nosteratu film, I’m a traditionalist.

And would you go there on your own, or in an organized group tour? No group tour. Ug! But I’d have to have my husband with me, he watches out for me. (:

Is there any food or beverage that is a constant factor in either your books or life?  Well, blood, of course in my books–that sort of goes hand-in-hand with vampires, of course. Me, I’m on a diet, right now, so let’s say lettuce, cellery, and hard boiled eggs.

What is your favourite dish and can you give me the recipe? Oh, my, that’s a tough one, since most of my favorites I am not allowed to have (in a few months I might be able to eat a little of my potato salad–everyone loves it!) But, yeah, I can give it to you. Now???

Yes, please if you don’t mind. 🙂

POTATO SALAD (serves about 10-14)

10-12 fist sized red potatoes (boil in skins, about 20 min, check with a fork, if skins begin to peel get them out of the hot water and chill in ice water)

2 hard-boiled eggs- diced

1 stalk of celery – chopped

1/4 c. onion (red or white) – chopped

1/2 c pickle relish

(about) 3/4 c. Miracle Whip (or your choice mayonnaise)

1 T. mustard (I use Dijon)

1/2-1 t. salt (to taste – I try to remember to salt the water I boil the potatoes in)

dash of pepper

sprinkle paprika over top

Peel skins off potatoes, cut up into bite-sized cubes, mix in all other ingredients. You may have to eye the mayonnaise to your own taste. I like it creamy!

Hope you like this! It’s a family favorite for picnics. I can’t get out of having to make it for gatherings!

BEST version of cave with eyes-4What is the title of the book you would like to talk about, and can you give us a small taster of it?  “Vampire Caprice” and below you can read a short excerpt of it.


I paused, keeping three steps away. When I saw her apply bright pink lipstick, I knew she was either color blind or a demon. I was pretty sure this was a demon made up to look human, and my stomach roiled at the idea of what would happen if it came down to me against her—or him—whatever.

She had one of those faces that had a lot of years mapped on them and the jowls drooped. Dark red eyes flashed at me, and the slits for pupils, like a goat’s eyes, confirmed it. I didn’t think she realized her human facade was not quite perfected.

“Hello,” she said in a sort of crackly voice. I guessed she was a heavy smoker by the sound of things in there. Or, maybe the demon’s voice simply sounded this way.

“Hi,” I said cautiously. “Nice restaurant.”

“Yes. Yes, the food. Magnificent!”

Well, it wasn’t magnificent, but it was good.

Dagger of Delphi was jumping inside my bag, wanting to get out and do its job.

The demon-lady turned to me, and the brown eyes turned a demonic shade of red.

Everything went to hell. Literally.

The demon snarled. Hands turned into claws, it lunged, and I skittered away. My fingers fumbled with the zipper of my backpack. Shit! Shit-shit-shit! Finally, it unzipped. The dagger flew out of the backpack before I could get it open all the way. I stifled my need to scream, backed up into the wall, and knocked a small pedestal over with fake flowers on it. It tumbled to the floor making a racket. The scream that rent the woman’s rest room came not from me, but from the demon. It was a horrible scream, starting out like a roar, and then it went high as the dagger jammed into it’s chest. Instantaneously the thing that pretended to be a woman burst into blue and red flames. Flames engulfed it until there was nothing left but a sooty, charcoal mass in the general shape of a human, still standing, until it decomposed into a pile on the floor. It might have taken about two or three minutes from start to finish, but it felt like an hour to me.

“Oh, shit!” I said under my breath. The smell of burnt demon made me gag. I had to cover my mouth and pinch my nose. I needed the hell out of there.

The dagger had extracted itself and hovered before me. I swiped it out of the air and shoved it back into my backpack. The demon, and the clothes lay in a pile of smoldering black ashes on the old plank floor. There was a little scorch mark, but that was all. What could I do?

Did you have difficulty coming up with the title? At first I called it “A Gathering of Angels, Demons and Vampires”, sort of the sub-title now. And then, because I have been trying to keep with the musical words after the “Vampire” in the title, the word “Caprice” best described this piece because it’s all over the place with a lot of characters, and I’ve done a little experimental writing with 3rd person and first person chapters.

What do you do marketing wise and what do you think generates the most attention to your books? I try to get as many spots as I can on blogs, such as yours, and cross my fingers. I do have a fan base and they are just itching to get their fingers on this next one.

Would you be able to come up with a credible excuse why you haven’t written a whole day? Remember, I have to believe it! After last year when my publisher quit and dumped 3 titles on me to get out there on my own, and I had to edit the third one, because he did such a lousy job of it, meanwhile I was trying to get this one done, plus get another book out… I’ve been sort of burned out and have been taking days off. Plus, I’ve become adicted to crocheting!

And finally can you tell me something none has ever heard before from you? I just love those little dirty secrets, real or make believe. 🙂   I’ve always wanted to take a bb gun and shoot the butts of men who let their trousers hang off their asses. I’m a lousy shot, however, I’d probably miss (^;


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  2. Good interview, but I like my potato salad recipe better. I liked the excerpt. That’s one way to dispatch a demon. Most handy. Oh, yes, I Tweeted. That means Lucy will retweet.

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