How To Write Live Like A Goblin On Memories and Time

Monday again and the Goblin returns. This time he talks about time, madness, and  memories.


the goblin’s madness continued with his saying “…some things are like peter pan’s statue, they mark the passage of one’s life, it’s like it was there when, as a small child, one aimlessly passes the statue not knowing why someone has brought you there at all, feeling cheated from watching the television perhaps, later one might do a school visit then or try to impress some potential partner with a boat ride in summer or the colors of the park’s autumn or a quarrel in winter, etc., later you’re bringing your own bored children there too, till finally you just want to go back there alone one more time to recollect the passing times of one life once more…” the goblin paused for a second, then continued as if counting these statues to himself “…not all of my statues have survived and those broken under the passage of time I have long learned to avoid revisiting, but some, like the statue of peter pan in kensington gardens is exactly this then, as if, like that fictional character in the book, one shares wendy’s fate with ones own memories…”, perhaps the goblin wondered if these posts too would become like some statue of him then


4 thoughts on “How To Write Live Like A Goblin On Memories and Time

    • (“…london is a great place to visit, but to actually live there is another matter entirely, or at least in my case it was all those many years ago…” mused the goblin thanking Debra for commenting, the mouse for choosing wisely once more, and the others for hitting the like button then, then changing tact by saying out to the blue “…actually now is one of the best times of the year in geneva here, with the hay fever period over and the heat not quite begun, for the day seems as beautiful as it is long, my kingdom for a coffee then…”, where the goblin would just post the length and breath of forumland from his bistro, smiling “…naah, I’m just fishing for comments aren’t I, though the question is ever what bait to use upon you humans there, I mean a readership is very good for those writers, but not me, no, a simple replyship is ever the goal of this livewriter here…” )

    • (“…you could well be right there, but if anything, my memories have long turned into unfading ghosts that haunt me so..” mentioned the goblin whose mind was now fired my Mari Collier’s comment, and then adding “…no, often I wonder if I am not writing more for them then, those ghosts my mind that is, than for any potential reader who might come along later, and still the haunt me and how they are legion too…”)

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