Middlewich Literary Festival

Saturday morning and it’s grey outside, but I’m all geared up to head out and have a great day. Not because I’m going out on a hike or to a yoga day, but because I’ve been asked to attend the first Middlewich Literary Festival. 🙂

The Middlewich Literary Festival might not be a huge event yet, but to me it means a lot that the organising town council members thought me and my work good enough to be there as an author and do a little song and dance. i.e. talk about writing and my work in particular.

Upon arriving the very first thing I got was a very warm welcome, a cup of tea and cake. Then I was shown to my table (a sign with my name and that I would be signing my work that afternoon on the pure white tablecloth) where I spread out my books and before I knew it the event was well on its way.

Of course I wasn’t the only author there, Catherine Green author of The Redcliffe Pack, and The Darkness of LoveGill Hoffs author of The Sinking of RMS Tayleur (non-fiction), and Bernice Walmsley (non-fiction) author of the Numerical Reasoning Series were there too. They presented their work and gave away a few ‘secrets’ of the trade. And then there were Phillip Latham (author) and Ian Hill-Smith (illustrator) who entertained the crowd with a partial reading of a kids picture book in the making, Barney The Cowboy. p7&80002 copyI say reading, but it was more than just reading of the words. The author would read a part and then ask the audience what they thought the character, or whatever that particular part was about, would look like and the illustrator would draw that which we told him too. Hilarious!

And then there was that delightful young boy and a teen-aged girl who won both won an award for their entry in the short story competition that was held for this event. Both winning stories were read and very much enjoyed by yours truly. I loved seeing this display of talent in young people. To me it proved that reading/books have a future still, even in this age of Xbox and Playstation.

Anyway, I had a great day and I’m sure those who were there with me will agree with me when I tell you to keep your eye open next year for the second edition of the Middlewich Literary Festival.

(Pictures will follow later)

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