Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

Once again Jo Robinson says exactly what so many of us think and so little actually dare do.

Jo Robinson

Nothing like a nice little rant to get you back in the saddle. I’m not very happy with my wheels still on sick leave, but I’m going to practise patience today – easier said than done. Anyway. Quite a few things have scared me over the years, but very few things have scared me enough to make me want to run or hide. Being an indie author cruising around the interweb generally makes me pause for thought these days before I weigh in on any subject close to my heart, because most people are afraid to get involved with publicly contentious issues. But a couple of things mean more to me than keeping my face clean, and I’m not afraid of any sort of bully.

Freedom of speech is good. Go and stand under a tree and spew your filth, and see what cretins emerge from beneath their rocks to…

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5 thoughts on “Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

  1. (“…well now…” started the goblin somewhat suspecting that speaking out was a good thing in itself but quite drowned in a system today that wasn’t going to budge until the debasement of finance had run its course now, explaining “…I mean, could it be that in america at least, none of their religious institutions can speak out for fear of losing their 501c3 tax status, and that their academia too cannot speak out for fear of someone pointing back at them their insipid collusion with the loansharks to fleece the very ones they are entrusted to protect from such practices, and lastly that 90% of american media is actually owned by six major corporations anyway, so no, one can rant away and perhaps one will feel good for doing so too, just like voting for “boys home by christmas, close gitmo, rectify the patriot act, and the most transparent government to date” made one feel wonderful back then, but no, god’s true mercy is that empires bankrupt themselves where here too, america and the west with it, will be no exception without anyone naming this demise by name, or naming it even…”, how just once more the road to ruin seemed paved in a debasement of finances again, and how many times to date then, and how many empires too, where the goblin then tossed a pebble upon it but the path itself was too to old care about the folly of humans who passed upon it)

  2. Thanks for posting. I read it all. It reminded me of why I picked German Lutherans for my early settlers in my novels. I knew how my grandmothers reacted to imminent death of a new born or other family situations. I did not know how people in other groups might have reacted, but that doesn’t mean I live in that era, but it makes me evaluate the non-thinking, wrapped-in-cotton world of today.

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