Book Tour The Founders Plot


4 thoughts on “Book Tour The Founders Plot

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  2. (“…something not quite coming through there…” felt the goblin imagining that the mouse was still finalizing her blog entry then, and suspecting too, that “the founding plot” had something to do with the founding fathers and their ongoing struggle to find a coffee in the new world that didn’t taste as that american coffee always seemed to, something that had well and truly had a donut dunked into it, then explaining “…ah yes, it’s ever “life liberty and the pursuit of perfect coffee” each time, just one’s brain on steroids then with those thoughts as if gushing from one’s fingers upon the keyboard of one’s imagination here, oh yes please, coffee with posts as writing fuel then, and if it ever one’s coffee experience tastes and reads like sweetened ink, then I promise you I’ll follow mouse it whatever it leads…”)

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