How To Feed The Writer

Lucy smiles as she reads her written words. “Us writers are always hungry. We feed of the world and all that’s in it and feed the world with our words.” She sips her Calvados while she has enough of numbers and accounts and is glad to be into the land of words again away from daily life and its motions to go through. Then she laughs and pops another piece of delicious chocolate in her mouth.

She smiles while reading about a study on human behaviour. “Aren’t you what you write? Isn’t the inner most self revealed by how words are read and reacted upon? By how one writes, what one writes and when? There is always the choice between the smile/good and the snide/bad (or when done right, very good)” Lucy can’t help herself and laughs out loud, for the silliness of it all. “How important it is for certain people to be someone in authorland, whereas some merely write and publish to be read by humans buying her books.” She offers her hand to the new kid on the block. “Nice to meet you. Don’t just stand aside and observe, you might as well join in for good. Making a start already like you did. Write what you want, how you want. Do not fear the critics, they are here to help, even if they come disguised as creatures living under a bridge.” Stepping aside lucy lets one of those pass as to not get caught by it. “They can’t really hurt you if you ignore them, you know?” And she winks. “Not worth losing your marbles over. And if you do? Let’s just say that a little crazy makes for a hell of a story.”

crazy writer

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