How To Obtain Happiness

“…as always. Then, now, and into the length of time. It might be totally unrelated, but it has to be said, or should it?” asks the little mouse, then she laughs, nibbles on some cheese, closes her eyes, inhales deeply the scents in the room, and relishing in their existence. “However wanted, happiness isn’t always within ones grasp. Within reach, maybe, but out of it none-the-less.” She chuckles, then laughs out loud and wiggles her toes eliciting a response most wanted. “It’s the simple things, small, every-day, run-of-the-mill gestures that bring joy and lightness to the being one must endure. Take the good, and see the positive one has, instead of looking at one must miss.” The little mouse smiles as she whispers, “If only it could last forever.”

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