No Man is an Island

A man once said, “I don’t need help.”

Saddened, the woman hearing him declare this shakes her head. She thinks that everybody can use help in a way. If only to help understand no man is an island, for at the shores is the sea lapping, taking while giving at the same time. Isn’t humanity the sea and aren’t we all fish, always on the move forward? Does the one who needs no help takes from the other fish, even if the fish is not aware of his taking and doesn’t he accept it even when he says he needs no help? Help comes in many ways, set us free. Puts the fish on its proper course out into the vast expanse of that sea called humanity, to explore and find its own path.

“I will take a swim now, dipping my toes first. Test the water, before I take the plunge,” says the woman while she looks for the path leading to the deep.

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