FreeStyle Yoga Project Workshop April 12th 2015



In the first session of this ‘shop, Mark will warm you up and then take you thru a series of locomotive drills that will bring out the best in your strength, stamina, agility & flexibility capabilities. When was the last time you jumped, crawled, spun and rolled in your yoga practice….?

In the second session, Anna will prep you for backbends – perhaps one of the most challenging postures. After a lengthy warm-up including some innovative techniques, Anna will revisit some standard backbends and introduce you to some funky new material.

L60A2161Dynamic and challenging, The Freestyle Yoga Project is geared towards encouraging students to think for themselves and investigate what’s going on over the side of any particular yogic box. In fact, to also explore what’s going on outside of yoga too

This is intelligent yoga. One size does not fit all.

Equally, EVERYONE is welcome at FYP. ANYONE can do yoga. You don’t have to be fit, strong, flexible – we’ll make you those things. Just give us your time and we’ll help you reach your full potential. And we’d just like to point out that you don’t have to buy into anything to come and train with us – there’s no ideological-philosophical-religious standpoint to what we do. We’re not trying to sell you anything – other than health and well-being.

All are welcome to this workshop – no matter what yogic discipline you come from. Be prepared to work hard. Bring a sense of humour. Leave received wisdom about yoga behind.

This two-part workshop can be booked as one whole day (£65) or each part separate (£35 for just one part, morning or afternoon.)
There will be tea and biscuits, bring your own lunch to munch.

Don’t wait too long as this workshop will fill up fast! To book and pay contact Lucy Alves Yoga via PM on facebook or through mail.

CAM00192Mark & Anna run The Freestyle Yoga Project studio in Tunbridge Wells. They offer daily classes, teacher trainings, and retreats & workshops the world over. /

Yoga in Tokyo With Leslie Kaminoff


Have you always wanted to go to Japan and never found the right reasons? Well, here’s your reason. Join Leslie Kaminoff for a workshop at the Under The Light Yoga Studio in Tokyo and enjoy Japan.

Leslie is very excited to return there this year, below you can read why.


During your 2013 visit to Asia:

  1. Did you have a favorite experience?
    We fell in love with Hakone while staying at the Tenseien ryokan. We’ll be returning there between the Hong Kong Asia Yoga Conference and my workshop in Tokyo.
  2. How about favorite food?
    The absolutely freshest sushi of my life at Tsukiji fish market early one morning.
  3. Did you experience any notable cultural differences?
    Yes! the absolute horror exrpressed whenever we tried to tip anybody. To us it demonstrated that good service is considered obligatory, not something surprising or deserving of reward. Definitely different from the United States.
  4. Anything else to share?
    You can take a look at this set of photos on Flickr. It gives a pretty good sense of some of the things we saw, found beautiful, different from home and memorable.

I wish I could go, but alas I won’t be able to this year. However, I’m already saving for a great trip next year and somehow I think that might just be a trip to Japan.

Click here to register if you want to participate this year.


How To Use Karma To Your Advantage And Find Samadhi

“Can that be done?” Lucy asks herself as she stares at the blazing fire in the logburner while the March rains stream down the window. “Karma is nothing more than the energy you put into being the best person you can be. As the age-old adagio says, ‘You reap what you sow’ and so it is with karma. But believing there is another chance to make things right in the next life doesn’t mean you can mess things up in this one.” Lucy sighs for she knows she’s made some huge mistakes herself and yet even those, however wrong they might feel at times, were the best thing to do at that point in time. “Things aren’t always as straight forward as humans like to think, sometimes wrong is right and good is bad. Living as a good person doesn’t always mean one is able to prevent others from being hurt, or even make them happy. Sometimes one needs to hurt before one can move on to a better place.” A small, sad smile curls her lips up as she remembers the one she loves most and how much she misses that one. “It is not easy finding Samadhi, or even real Satya when one has to deal with daily life and its difficulties, but one who really wants shall eventually find their Samadhi, at the beginning and the end of the journey to self.”

How To Breathe

I know that, you might think. Or I’m quite sure you never give a second thought about how to breathe, because it’s something you just do. Am I right? But do you really know how breathing works?

And yes, it is one of those things you do, or rather your body does on impulse, no need for any conscious action at all. However, if you want to breathe better, or in a way that could help you feel better, you will have to think on how your breathe and regulate your breathing to suit the needs of your body.

In yoga we call those techniques Pranamaya and it teaches us several ways of breathing that are better for us, not only during yoga practise but also in daily life.

Regularly practicing yoga breathing can:

  • prevent stroke and heart disease (Yoga in Stroke Rehabilitation)
  • stop breathlessness caused by anxiety
  • alleviate hyperventilation (The Science of Breathing)
  • decrease the effects of stress
  • enhance the parasympathetic function and decreases the sympathetic nervous activity. The autonomous fight, flight, or freeze reaction to situations our body and mind perceive as dangerous and reacts to without thought. Practising Pranayama turns Rajasic (high energy/anxiety) into Satvic (calm), before it turns into Tamasic (no energy)
  • can reduce chemotherapy side effects (Journal of the Society for Integrative Oncology)

If you want to read more on this topic click here to visit the site where you can find several Pranayama excercises.