How Not To Alienate Potential Readers on Twitter

I see a lot of tweets when I’m at it. Yeah, I know I’m way tooooo often on facetweet while I should be writing, but I’m an addict. Erm, I mean, I have to for marketing reasons. What? You say I never market my work? Ha! But there you are wrong. Or right really, since I never, or hardly ever tweet the kind of tweets most indie authors seem to favour, i.e. “Buy my Book!” or “I have had a great review! You should buy my Book too!”

This is what I think those tweets are.


I am talking as the reader I am too now. Because don’t forget for a moment I might be an author who needs to market her books, I am a reader too. A reader who needs to be enticed to at least look at you, the author, and the book you are trying to sell me. Let me tell you here and now, sending me direct messages telling me to take a look at your book on Amazon do not work. They put me off because I get those by the hundreds each day and they get deleted upon impact in my inbox. I am not the only reader who does this, and if you’re not careful you will find yourself in the naughty corner for this behaviour, i.e. your messages will fall on dry ground and you’ll have ruined your chances I’ll ever look at your books because you have annoyed me once too often.

This is what I’ll be doing.

bert ernie

Same goes for those who only send out tweets along the line of “Buy me Book!” Tweet about something that catches my eye, something that makes me wonder, surprise me, make me think, make me laugh, make me think. Do not bore me, because if you cannot be creative in your tweets, how can you think I will expect you to be creative in your writing? Offer me more of you, of your ideas, of what makes you tick.

You ask me what should you do then? Well, I’m not the marketing guru to ask. What I can offer you is my view as a reader. We want to get to know the author, the author draws us to his book. Give us your attention, your time. Show us we matter, and not just our money which buys your book. Remember it is the person holding the wallet who buys your book, but only if you can entice us too. You might think browbeating us into submission by bombarding us with your book might work, but it doesn’t. Really, it doesn’t. At least not with me and not with a lot of readers I know.

How I feel when the next “buy my Book” message drops in inbox.

Scully blahblah

So, what do you think you can do different? Authors I challenge you, give me your best. Show me you can do better, entice me to buy your book, but not by bombarding me with pleas to look at the buy site of your book.

What do you think you can do different?

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