Review Requests

At the moment I am not accepting books to read and review, because my to read pile is just too long and I can no longer guarantee a date on which your review will be posted.

When I’ve read at least half of what’s waiting I will be open for new requests. Keep your eyes on this page. I’ll post the new opening date end December.

You can send me your request now by filling out the form, once I have reviewed your request you will be notified by me. If I care to decline your request it does not mean I think your book isn’t worth my time.

But if I do accept your book for review I will post the review and please don’t take it personally, because it is my opinion on your book, not on you as a writer or meant to either boost sales, or slag off the book if the rating should be less than you hoped/thought it would be.

If you do not know how to handle a low rate review should your book receive one such, please read the multitude of articles on How To Handle ‘Bad’ reviews. Such as mine and on Anita’s Desk.

Now for my rating system:

  • 5-stars, a book so good you just jump up and grab the first stranger on the street to force them to read the book and dare them to find anything of fault within the pages. A book I will keep and pass on to my children’s children.
  • 4-stars, a pretty darn good book, but just not that special.
  • 3-stars, a good read, but I probably won’t read it again, or it might have a minor issue.
  • 2-stars, a decent read but could do with improvement on one, or several craft issues. (SPaG, POV, Tense shifts, character development, or anything else that diminishes my reading pleasure)
  • 1-star? Well, lets just say this book wasn’t worth my time and money. However it might appeal to others.

5 thoughts on “Review Requests

  1. Hello Lucy, really terrific blog! Congrats! Well, I did not know what link to give you when I filled in the request form for a book review — so I sent you a Smashwords link and a gift coupon to read the e-version. But I would much rather send you a pdf of the manuscript. That is, if you have the time and inclination to review WHIP OF THE WILD GOD — A NOVEL OF TANTRA IN ANCIENT INDIA. So let me know…..and all the very best — its great to feel infused by the surging enthusiasm of another passionate writer. Please check out my blog if you want to read the first 3 chapters — miraprabhu.wordpress,com. However, you won’t find the prologue and TOC etc in there. Mira Prabhu

    • Hi Mira,

      Thanks for your enthusiasm and praise. πŸ™‚ I’ll look into your book before I decide to accept or not. I’m very busy and have a huge TBR pile, so if I decide to accept your book for review I cannot guarantee a fixed date for the review.

  2. Thanks for the quick response, :Lucy – I know what it’s like to be too busy — so no worries whatever you decide to do. It’s all good, as the kids say. All the very best!

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