Adele Symonds


Good morning Adele, I’m glad you could stop by. I know you’ve been extremely busy lately so I’m honoured you cleared time in your schedule to do this interview with me.

Let’s not waste precious time and kick off.

What do you like most about the writing process? Editing or writing?

I love editing other people’s work but hate editing my own. It is so much easier to see others mistakes than your own, just as it easier to give advice than receive it.

How right you are Adele. Lot’s of people don’t have a clue on how to receive and digest honest advice, but that’s a whole other discussion.

What do you write? Prose or Poetry?

I write a little of both but definitely more poetry. My poetry is a need, it is a release of emotions felt and situations experienced as they happen. This is not something I can write to demand very often. My prose as present only consists of 3 or 4 short stories but I have plans for a full series of novels.

That’s an impressive goal, one you must see through. 🙂

But are you a reader too?

I am an avid reader and always have been.

Is there a book you kept reading over and over again?

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens – I was given a presentation edition when I was 12 and it is one of my most treasured possessions.

You lucky woman! Keep that one safe and keep reading it, it is one of the great classics

Do you ever review books and what do you do when the book at hand is … Well let’s say it could use the hand of an editor. 

I review every book that I read but I very rarely accept books specifically for review anymore because I have turned my hand to editing now. I was reviewing so many badly edited books which had the potential to be 4 or 5 star rated that I wanted to do something to help these authors.

If I read a book which is so badly edited that I would have to give it a very poor review I contact the author and give them the opportunity to re-edit before I publish the review. If I find a book published by a big name publisher which still contains errors then I contact them telling them specifically which errors in the hope that I will get a response.

I edit at very reasonable and affordable prices so that authors with very little money can still afford the editing process which is so essential to making a good book, great.

Oh, that is a wonderful opportunity for lots of indies out there who need an editor but think they can’t afford one. Where can they contact you?

Editing requests can be made at

Do you have a book published too?

I have one book published so far which is a collection of poems.

What is the title and did you have any difficulty coming up with a title?

The title is A Star is Born: 6 months in the life of a poet.

A Star is Born Cover

Available on Amazon UK and US

I had no trouble choosing this title as Adele means ‘little star’ and my life as a poet was just beginning, hence I was being born as a poet and a new life and a new start could begin for me.

You were indeed born a star and a poet! 

Is there anything you want to tell us in particular about the book?

The poems in this first book were written over a very difficult six month period in my life so the subject matter of the poems are not light and fluffy, they are quite dark and revealing of my feelings at the time. There are a couple of high points and every poem has a short commentary to explain its significance. The poems I write in the six month period following on from this will be published in October and hopefully there will be more high points and the readers will be able to follow my journey through my ups and downs by reading my poetry and sharing a little of my life.

What you are telling us here makes me want to read your work. I bet there’s more readers eager to get their hands on it.

Do you have a fixed writing routine or are you a ‘spur of the moment’ kind of author?

Poems are definitely spur of the moment.

Short stories are as and when I can fit them in.

Editing is a fixed schedule. Minimum of 3 hours per day depending on how much work I have. One morning hour. One afternoon hour. One evening hour. Monday’s and Tuesday’s off. This has to be a slightly flexible schedule as to which hours I do dependant on when my pain levels are at their best but it works for me.

Being sick and having to work isn’t easy, I’m glad you manage the way you do.

When you write is there any beverage or snack you have at hand?

No, I find it too distracting. I take a break once an hour for a cup of coffee.

Ah, the great coffee god who is worshipped by almost every author. 🙂

So you can’t give me a recipe?

No, coffee is coffee although I would love to have some real ground coffee.

Yes, that is the best thing, freshly ground coffee for your brew. Let me get us some.

And finally can you tell us something about yourself none has ever heard before?

I am a very open person, possibly too much so, therefore I am not sure there is anything that people don’t know about me apart from specifics which I am keeping for my memoir when I finally write it.

To wrap this up neatly let me tell the readers where they can find you online.

Adele I’d like to thank you again for your time and honesty. I was very glad you were here and hope you’ll be back sometime soon. 

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