Selena Robins


Hello Selena, glad you could make it to my blog today. 🙂 I’d like to thank you for allowing me to ask you these questions.

Have a seat, make yourself comfortable while I pour the drinks and put some chocolate on the table. There, ready? Okay here we go.

Can you tell me how you celebrate finally getting that tricky chapter (or para) right?

Thank you for the opportunity to chat with you on your blog and introduce myself and my work to your readers.

You’re very welcome Selena. I’m always glad to host my fellow authors and give them the opportunity to spread the word about their work. Plus the readers, of which I am one, love to discover new things about the authors whose we read.

Remember the show The Jefferson’s? That tune comes to mind with this question. “We’re moving on up….” I go on to the next one, and move it on up.

Okay, sounds like you know how to move on with things. But how do you work around those moments when the muse has gone and done a runner on you?

As much as I love to joke around about my fickle muse and that he cheats on me at times, because I can’t find him when I need him, I deep down don’t believe in a muse or even believe in writer’s block. I think writer’s block is self-induced.

I think it’s a matter of churning out words every single day, even if they are words that nobody will ever read. Whether it’s a facebook status, a blog, an interview, a short story (that nobody will see, because there are stories I write only for myself to get the words rockin’ and rollin’), I write every single day.

Now, whether they make any sense is another story, and if words escape me….(people who know me, will tell you that I am never short of words, but what do they really know, it happens), then I go and read a book and surround myself with words.

Right, you might just have a winning formula there. Now, let’s first do a few of the yada yada questions before we move on to the fun. And by yada yada I do not mean boring, or in any other way stupid questions, but just the traditional ones. You know? The ones we secretly all want to know the answer to.

First, what is the title of the book you would like to talk about?

What? Only one book? Kidding. The book that is out there now is WHAT A GIRL WANTS.

What A Girl Wants 72 WEB

Available at AmazonKoboBarnes and Noble, and from the publisher:  Samhain Publishing

Did you have difficulty coming up with the title?

Coming up with a book title is a challenge. The title for WHAT A GIRL WANTS was not hard to come up with, because it has to do with the book’s theme. It also has to do with how the book ends … but I’m not saying any more, because if I do, I’d be giving away a huge spoiler about the ending.

If you would have to change the genre in order to be able to publish it, what would it be then? i.e. would you conform to the market?

I don’t write to market, because I’m not a fast writer and by the time I wrote a book for market, the tide would have made a 360 degree turn.

I write books that I myself would love to read. Books with a lot of humor, sexual tension, some mystery and some suspense. USA Today Best Seller, Cari Quinn, coined my writing as genre-defying. I’ve been using that phrase for a long time, thank you, Cari. I didn’t answer your question, did I? I guess, I wouldn’t know how to change any of my books to other genres, they are what they are. Romance, sex, comedy, suspense, and quirky characters. Total opposite of who I am, of course.

Hahaha, good for you. 🙂

Right with that out of the way and to confuse you we’ll take the alternative route now.

What don’t you like about writing?

Besides the self-doubt, anxiety and having characters who never shut up, living rent-free inside your head? I do not like writing first drafts. I love researching, editing, polishing and tweaking…rinse and wash again with the researching, editing and polishing.

First drafts drive me nuts … or shall I say, nuttier. I know that purging the story out is first and foremost, because many drafts are written until it’s ready to be launched, so I’m doing that more and more these days. It’s hard to go from a compulsive outliner to writing by the seat of my yoga pants. Writing is hard. Making it look easy is even harder. However, I love it. I love creating stories and the writing journey, with all its ups and downs.

What do you do marketing wise and what do you think generates the most attention to your books?

Like most authors, I am visible on Facebook, Twitter, write blog posts and interviews. Readers and bloggers who enjoy my work and spread the word are the greatest assets a writer has in terms of getting our book title and name out there. I have to say, I have the coolest readers who are not only supportive, but they give me a lot of laughs and make my day that much better, knowing they are just a click away on Facebook, Twitter or email. I’m also blessed with an extremely supportive husband, family and network of friends who help spread the word.

Tell me, when you’re on a roll, the muse is in the house and happily guiding your pen, what would seriously drive her/him away?

Since I don’t believe in muses, I take full responsibility for not writing on any particular day. Life in general can get in the way, but even if I jot down a few notes on a note pad when I’m sick with flu or taking care of something at home, I consider that writing.

What would the muse look like, if you would believe in it and does he/she ever play tricks on you?

If I believed in a muse, he would be tall, dark, handsome, dark brown eyes, wicked sense of humor, great kisser … okay, maybe my husband is my muse then. 😉

Do you ever speak to your characters and do you get along all the time

I speak for my characters while writing, as I get inside each of their heads. They get along with me, because I’m their creator, hence their Goddess, their boss.

Is there any food or beverage that is a constant factor in either your books or life?

Chocolate appears in most of my books, except in one of my unpublished novels that is out in publishing land under consideration (Decoy in Stiletto’s). The heroine hates chocolate. She has a quirky reason for hating it. I know, it’s blasphemous, but I had to do it. I don’t drink coffee, never have and never will, so that has been a challenge for me to give coffee to some of my characters.

Would you be able to come up with a credible excuse why you haven’t written a whole day? Remember, I have to believe it!

I’m stuck on the Starship Enterprise and Spock has duct taped my mouth and handcuffed me to a chair because I was annoying him with my constant babble.

And finally why would you ever want to live life behind a keyboard slaving over a manuscript?

Having the opportunity to use my creativity, whether it’s for a book, a blog, or my personal journal is a gift and a privilege and I vow to always be humble about this gift and never take it for granted.

Okay now that we have the mandatory questions out of the way, shoot your mouth off. Tell me whatever you want the blab about. But please no cat’s, dogs, or children. Make me laugh, or cry, or even envious. Tell me something no one has ever heard before from you. hehehe, love those little dirty secrets, real or make believe. 🙂

God willing, when I reach the age of 90, my best girlfriend and I are going to smoke cigarettes, drink a boatload of wine (and Long Island Iced Tea, since I just discovered this fabulous drink), ditch any healthy eating habits we have and eat chocolate daily. We’re going to wear heavy blue eyeshadow, false eyelashes, hell, we may as well get those glittery extensions in our hair. We are going to dance out in public and whistle at hot construction workers, policeman, fireman….actually, by then, any man under the age of 70 will look pretty good to us.

What can I say, we’re goal oriented that way.

And what great goals! 🙂 Thanks for sharing all of this with us. Now let me tell the readers a bit about you and where the find you online.

From sweet to the naughty, there’s always humor in Selena’s stories. Her work has been described as; genre-defying romance, sexy, written with wit, and splashes of mystery and suspense.

Selena is a self-professed foodie and chocolate guru. She loves to dance with her dog, sing into her hairbrush and write in her PJ’s.

In love with Mr. Rugged—as he refers to her husband online—her family, friends, books, shoes, laughter, hockey, lively discussions and wine (sometimes all at the same time).

Selena is a dragon slayer who enjoys reading and writing sassy heroines and hot heroes (the ones your mamma warned you about, but secretly wished she’d dated a few in her life).

Selena also writes children’s stories under the pen name Maddie Ryan.

And she can be found online at:

Selena Robins Website:

Selena Robins Musings (blog):

Follow Selena on Twitter: @selenarobins

Follow Selena on Pinterest –

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