Dream Killers by Margaret Nystrom

 The Top Ten Writer Dream-Killers

by Margaret Nystrom

Writers are dreamers who sometimes write out their dreams on paper or screens. Authors are, of course, writers, but authors take the courage to complete their work and place it in front of others to read. Writers often can be their own worst enemy, by killing their writing dreams without realizing how they are doing it. Below are some types of “dream-killers”.

The Top Ten Types of Writer Dream-Killers:

  1. The Nightmare Writer: This is the insecure writer, who is scared of possibilities or their own skills/work.
  2. The Sleep-Walker Writer: This is the writer, who does not have a clue of where to start or what to do, so never does start the real work of writing. They are also the ones who take endless classes and workshops, but never do anything much with it.
  3. The Lost-In-Space Writer: This is the writer who gets lost…in a maze of their own dreams. They never get to the real world of writing.
  4. The Arrogant Writer: This is the writer, who thinks they are being a true maverick by breaking the rules, before they understand those rules, or does not know what the rules are in the first place. They falsely believe they will be one of the exceptionally few people who will get away with that.
  5. The Delusional Writer:  This is the writer who thinks they are so gifted and talented that they can ignore the rules, or ignore advice of those who have traveled before them, or have no real proof of their “greatness”, or think anyone can be a writer without paying their dues.
  6. The Dream-less Writer: This is the writer, who forgets their original excitement of their dream or dreams too small for it to last the writing process.
  7. The Lazy Writer: This is the writer, who finds all kinds of excuses for not doing the hard work of writing, mostly out of fear.
  8. The Negative Writer: This is the writer, who listens to their inner critics or focuses on why something can’t be accomplished, instead of finding solutions.
  9. The Critical Writer: This is the writer, who focuses on someone else’s opinion of their work without taking balance or moderation into account.
  10. The Dangerous Writer: This is the writer, who avoids the truth at all costs, or does not do their research, or worse, changes the truth to meet their own hateful, ignorant, or bigoted agenda.


Let me know if you have an additional dream-killer to add to the list. Comments are welcome and appreciated. If you are interested in finding more information on how to motivate yourself to be a better writer, please “follow” my writer blog at: http://afterwriterdreams.com/

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