Boozed Up Chocolate Pecan Pie

All you Americans from the South know, and most of you love, Pecan Pie. Shoot! Your region of the US is famous for its Pecan Pie, like Key West is synonym for Key West Lime Pie (I’ll get back to that one on a later date 🙂 ) But I just love, love love chocolate, and pecans, and Pecan Pie! Why not combine those vices and turn them into one heavenly shot of pure bliss?

Can it be done? Can the original be made even better? 🙂 I think it can, even better I think I did. Wheeeeheeee! Fire up that oven to 175C (or 350F) and get your ingredients ready.

1 bowl

1 saucepan

a pie dish

Pie dough (okay, being the lazy kind I used the ready-made kind, only needed to use the bottle to roll it into a sheet and line the pie dish with it.) Right, don’t forget to use baking parchment to line the dish.

If you are really adamant to make it from scratch, I’ve found a pie dough recipe here.



1 cup of sugar

1 cup golden syrup (or maple syrup, even yummier!)

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 tablespoons butter (real butter)

Put in saucepan and slowly heat until the sugar is dissolved. Take off heat and let cool while adding half a cup of cocoa powder.

Beat two large, or 4 regular eggs lightly and stir them into the cooled sugar mixture. When done pour a splash of real good bourbon into it and stir until fully incorporated.

Line the doug with a layer of pecans, enough to fully cover the bottom and pour the  egg/sugar/chocolate mixture into to pie dish, fully covering the nuts and bake for an hour.

When your oven beeps (mine does), check with a stick to see if it’s fully cooked. If so, take it out of the oven and let cool. Or do as I did and slice yourself a piece and burn your mouth. 🙂


Bon Apetit! Let me know if you’ve tried it and how you would tweak the original Pecan Pie to suit your taste.

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