Book Reviews

I hope you enjoy reviews I have written on these books. They reflect my opinion as a reader while giving you, my fellow readers and friends an opportunity to discover books you might not have if not for encountering them here.

There are books in all genres, because like I said before, “Think out of your box and you’ll be the wiser.”

Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing, Book One and Book Two

A coming of Age series with a strong female main character.
Great YA read which adult readers will enjoy too.
Great costume drama.
Long winded, but well written.
Creepy to the max and very well brought.
My own collection of twisted fairy tales
A very nice read that had me all emotional.
An arousing twist on Puss in Boots.
A great book for all curious about the lives of real people living their life out of the ordinary.
A scary collection of short stories to keep you up at night.
A great insight in human greed and corporate US.
An erotica novella starring zombies in London. Surprising take on traditional zombie gore.
A great read, that gives you an insight of the underbelly of society and leaves you wondering how such nice people can be so likeable.
 Some twenty years ago, I picked up this book for the first time. Since then, it has compelled me to read it again and again, not because of the great plot or intriguing characters, but because of how Kundera is able to pull you into the story.

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