Aymaran Shadow by Hemanth Gorur

cover Aymaran


After reading this novel I sat with my laptop on my knees, staring at my notes, contemplating just how to go about reviewing this book. I can tell the author has really tried to write a great novel, but I’m sad to say the often funny choice of words, wonky sentence structure, and simile that were not quite right, distracted from the story rather than captivate me. It is quite obvious English isn’t this author’s first language, mine might not be perfect either, but in a published book I would not have expected this abundance of errors.

My other gripe with this novel is that the plot takes for ever to move along and often actions are bogged down by overly descriptive narration—use of brand names, very flowery language, use of filters, filler words, and tell where show would have been more engaging—or interrupted by, to be honest, unbelievable dialogue. Also the most obvious things are drawn out for ever, while mysterious things are zooming past.

After the first chapter I was ready to call it quits, since there was nothing in there to get me rooting for the characters since none of them had names other than the captain, the hairy one, the woman, and other descriptive terms rather than names to connect me as the reader with the character. Without names connected to the characters, the resurfacing of them later was hard to ‘get’.

But I had to finish his novel to be able to write a well founded review. So, I struggled through all 131 pages (on my ereader this was the longest 131 pages novel I ever read) to be able to tell you that the end was as unsatisfying as the start.

(I have received a review copy from the author)

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