Casa de Naomi: Book One and Two by Paula Rose Michaelson

Casa de Naomi - Book One - Jacket[1]

When Paula asked me to read and review her books I was hesitant at first, knowing these are books with their feet firmly planted in faith. However I was very pleasantly surprised by how she manages to make me feel for the characters and draws me deep into the story. At one point I was so engrossed I just had to read on to know what happened to Naomi. Which is quite a feat for a book about faith–I’m not a Christian–yet this book made me forget it’s theme and had me focus on the story of the young woman. A true heroine, one who one cannot help but care for.

Without spoilers it is hard to write a review for this book and give you the full scope of its lure. There is so much going on and yet it never it reads ‘stuffed’ or cluttered. Paula’s style of writing is one which is pleasant to read and easy to remember. Without a doubt the second book in this series will captivate me as this one did, but to know if that is true you will have to read my review of part two which conveniently follows suit. 🙂

Casa de Naomi Book Two - Jacket SM

After reading the first book in this series by Paula Rose Michelson the choice to read the second book was easily made. It suffices to say, I made the right choice. This book, like its predecessor did not disappoint. In fact it was hard to put down.

Once again the wordsmith Paula Michelson is showed why she is called just that. She continued to captivate my attention and rouse emotions in me with her story and her characters, not once giving me a feeling of boredom or allowed for the drifting of ones mind. You know what you have when a book doesn’t really hold your full attention? Not once the other books on my reading list beckoned me while reading this one. A feat, because I am a demanding reader. 🙂 It is hard to write anything about this book without giving away spoilers, but what I must say is that I felt a true and deep relief at how this story ends.

To summarise it, even if you are not deeply religious, or even care much about books based upon faith, this one does touches even those. At least it did me. It’s about humanity, real people and real lives, overcoming real problems and be stronger, better for having lived through it.

A big, fat five star for both books from me. Well written and brought to life by a woman who obviously knows what she’s writing about.

Which leads to me recommending these books to all who like an honest life story. 
Both books by Paula Rose Michaelson are available on  Amazon

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