Four Days with Hemingway’s Ghost by Tom Winton

cover Hemingway

Reviewed by Lucy Pireel

I had high hopes before starting on this book, and let me tell you each and every one of those are met and exceeded.

This author knows how to spin a yarn, he has a way of dragging you into this book and not let you go until you’ve finished it. Pulling you into each and every scene to see it happening before you, to live through it as if you are Jack Phelan.

There is no need to be a Hemingway fan to appreciate this book. I know I must have missed tons of subtle hints of knowledge about this great writer and yet I could feel all those details to be true. No matter if they really are or made up. Because at the end of the day, that doesn’t matter, this book made me want to read more of this author and more of Hemingway. I think if that is what the author set out to do, get Hemingway back into the now, he did a mighty fine job.

All the adventures during the four days as well as the episode following were packed with fully fledged characters, even the minor ones came to life and had me rooting for them. I lived through all the emotions with the main character and even shed a tear or two (Both sorrow and joy.)

So if you love a good read, one that is worthy to be on any best-seller list. This is the one to read.

I’m giving this one a solid five star. (Could I give 10 I would.)

Anyway, has reading my review made you curious to the book? You can pick up your own copy at Amazon US and UK (and of course all other online venues)

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