Guest Blogger Day – Adele Symonds on Editing

Adele Symonds – Editor with a vision

I do not profess to be an expert at writing novels as I do not have one to my name. I do feel qualified as a reader to know whether a book has what it takes to hold an audiences interest, and keep them turning those pages.

A great plot with believable characters who can be identified with by the target audience. Or all key aspects of writing a winning novel, but no matter how good these are with poor editing the book will be more likely to fail.

This is when I decided to step in and offer editing services to indie authors who were trying to break into the market with some excellent books which just weren’t hitting the mark.

Don’t you give her that look, author! She is right you know?

my book

Editing is an area which many new authors cannot afford to pay and they will edit their books heart out. I do not believe it is possible for any author to edit their own work and catch every error as our brains are made in such a way that we read what we know should be there rather than what is.

I keep my editing prices as low as possible to facilitate the indie authors being able to pay for this valuable service and I am setting up a fund which will help those authors who are in even more difficult financial positions.

I work on an hourly basis with an individual contract made with each author, but provision is made within the contract for the author to donate to the fund if they wish to do so. This money will then in future be used to be an agreed number of my hours service for an author who cannot afford the full price for their whole book. My hope is that over time, as authors I have helped earn more money, I will be able to help more authors and so on and so forth.

My aim is to facilitate the work of indiependent authors to produce the best work they can.

Adele can be contacted for editorial services through mail 

I would like to thank Adele for sharing her thoughts on editing and funds. What do you do when your budget doesn’t allow for a professional editor?

How To Help Authors

“No man is an island …” I’ve used that idea before in one of my Random Musings, and it is something authors should realise when they try to sell their books. Or when they need an editor, proof-reader, cover designer, or beta-readers. We all need others to have our work be the best it can be. Even when you think you have no particular technical skill, there is always something you know, or can do which helps another author. Research you have done, or a site you’ve found to be very useful. You might know how a certain program works. There’s lots of things to help others with.

Because if you want help, you have got to give to get. Pay it forward and such. There are heaps of writer communities to be found online, but how do you know you’ve not found one filled with envious characters, who seem to love critiquing, but never really give back anything a budding author can use to better themselves. Unfortunately a lot of budding authors stumble blindly across forumland until they find that one community and then still, writers on forums aren’t always the best ones to listen to. Find yourself communities on the book of faces, or Google+, where real, published authors formed communities to help each other.

I’ve discovered that there actually are more than a few authors out there willing and able to share their knowledge with whomever wants to hear it. But there are so many sites out there filled with people who proclaim themselves to be The Expert how do you know when you’ve found a group that is really worth belonging too? (To be honest I don’t trust everything I find on the interweb. Check and cross-check, and use your common sense.)

I suggest to check if the authors offering to help you with grammar know what they are talking about. How? Just read a sample of their work, could be well edited, or could be their own knowledge, but either way that one would know how to go about getting it right if their book is spotless.

Someone offers their professional opinion as a cover designer? Check out the covers they’ve done to see if their work is as good as it should be. (Taste differs from one person to the next, but there are a few things any cover should have. Legible title and by-line in thumbnail and not be too cluttered)

Need to find out how to market your book when it is finally finished? No need to invent the wheel all over again. Not that the wheel in indie author book marketing is invented yet, but there are a great many indie authors trying a lot of different things and they all are willing to share their experiences.

Authors are in their nature either over-confident or hyper-sensitive/insecure. Ready to fall for anyone who spins a good yarn on how he/she is an expert. Takes your money and delivers crappy editing or a cover which looks awful in thumbnail (most important size, because it is how readers see your book in the online stores) But I digress.

What I mean is sometimes you just have to lean back and …

common sense

Authors should be helping authors! Really it isn’t that far fetched. Or is it? We are like what would be a guild in the old days, and guild members stick together, or they should. We shouldn’t be bickering and feel like other authors are trying to put you down.

But then again, knowledge found on internet isn’t always true. How to know who, or what to trust? I’ve found that when authors help authors they mostly mean well, and will go to great lengths to help each other if they see you are equally willing to help them in whatever way you can.

AHA Badge

So, it is give to get. Next time when you have an AHA moment share it with the community you’re a part of. Or join Authors Helping Authors where you can find articles on a variety of subjects and can share yours too.