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Voting for the semi finalists is open and three of my covers are among them!

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Heaven’s Closed in the category Occult&Supernatural


Red Gone Bad in the category Other

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Bound in the category Erotica

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Review – Bound

Last week a reader has read and reviewed my erotic novella Bound and I can’t help but smile for their words and honesty. It really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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First take a look at what Natasha Johnstone has to say about Bound. Hop over to her blog, read and leave a reply, and then please do come back to let me know what you thought about her post.

Right, her blog link:

I might not have much reviews yet but so far the readers who like it outweigh the ones who dislike it. Oh, well, one can’t hope to please everyone. 🙂

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Red Gone Bad




Cover bound bare back red small new

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A Most Literary Review of Bound

REVIEW of BOUND by Lucy Pireel

Reviewed by R.J. Askew


I have a reading window shaped like an hour. Tis far too miserable to go outside. Spring, what spring? So I am hunkered down in a large, empty refectory in a Canary Wharf corporate. It’s modern in a pleasing way, with a view over a windswept dock and of hundreds of people tooing and froing from the tube station.

So far, so good. You know how it is, finding time to ourselves, eye time. So many things get in the way of a gooooood read.

My kindle tells me I am 93 percent into Lucy P’s BOUND. Excellent and the read is excellent, too. A swift sip of moccha, decaf. Don’t want to get toooo excited now, do we? Especially with a double shot of hot, hot erotica to roll our socks up and down.

And then who should rock up, or rather sloth down, but the collegue from limbo land: Ivor Dull-But-Worthy (name changed to spare blushes).

I try to pretend I am not there but or that he is not there. But I am there and he is there. I try feigning narcolepsy but he is still there, still talking when I open a sly eye.

‘Look,’ says I, ‘I don’t mean to be rude but …” I pull my phone out, smiling. ‘Mother’s birthday … Excuse me.’ The ruse works. He leaves and I get Kindling.

The problem with reading a book you are very much into is that we read too fast. It is the same effect as when time speeds up when we are having a good time.

I started reading BOUND over my porridge. I only stopped because I had to shave and shower and get out of the house. I continued reading the moment I got on my train into London. I read more when I was on the tube from London Bridge to Canary Wharf. And I finished the read as soon as I got a moment to myself in the refectory.

Had I been able to I would have read BOUND in one nibble of wonton nipple.

This tells me that the story engaged me and carried me with it. The language never got in the way. I did not pause to fret about this or that. The story simply bossed my eyes.

I won’t give the plot away, as this is a lean novella. What I will say is that it progresses with urgency and mounting intensity.

If you don’t like erotica perhaps BOUND is not for you. No problemo. If you do like erotica, you will love BOUND – a double-espresso of cliterary arousal. I loved it.

Amelia is a girl who subs, who knows what she wants and how to get it. Her descriptions of her pleasure are mind-blowing. “Sex is the drug,” the lyric goes. Amelia’s sexual highs are acutely captured. There is a joy about all this.

But it is more complex than that. This is not plain vanilla sex. There are issues of sub and dom involved, with capital P-Pain playing a key role, with, ‘the pleasurable sting taking Amelia over the abyss into orgasm’ more than once.

And if knots are your thing, you will relish the references to ‘Challengers, Prisoner’s Cuffs and Highwaymen’. Personally, I will learn something from this Knot School novella.

The story is straightforward but the characters are not. Insights are to be had into how we are, or some of us are, those who have opportunity and inclination. Perhaps the characters are more alive than we are. Perhaps they do things we may only dream about. Or maybe I am leading a very sheltered life and need to wake up and smell the leather.

Did the story turn me on. Yes. It also made me laugh more than once, especially one dab where the stud approves an improvment to his cellar because the ceiling is now high enough to accommodate the flight of a decent sized bull whip. Cracking stuff!

So I could not put the read down. Would I read more from Lucy Pireel? Yes, definitely.

Ron Askew

AuthorsdB, Lists and How To Rise

Right, you, as a fellow indie author might think, “Not another social media site to keep up!” But I can assure you it is no trouble at all. Get yourself listed and just update your details when necessary. There’s no chatroom, blog post, twitterings or whatever to be done. Unless of course you want to rise in the ranks and be noticed. 🙂 For that you have to share. And sharing means, use twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and whatnot to get your profile seen and liked. But the site itself requires nothing more than a listing and keeping your details up-to-date.

I’m listed on AuthorsdB, and with me lots of other authors. Emphasis on listed. To us indies lists are important and the lists on AuthorsdB are especially dear to me. 🙂

Why? I like to think it’s because I’m a writer of good books, but I am momentarily listed as #32 on their favourite authors list. With every like others award me with on their site I am rising in the ranks of indies until finally I can call myself number One.

And there you have the reason unveiled why lists like these are important to us indies. Who wouldn’t want to be able to say they are high on the list when advertising their books. Let’s be honest, when you have to choose between two books. One from an author who’s absolutely unknown and on no list at all, and the second from an author, maybe also not known worldwide but verifiable high on an author ranking list, which one would you pick?

For that reason alone, and the fact that AuthorsdB offers this service for free to all indie authors I think all indies should at least be listed on this site. That way future readers have a reasonable complete list of authors to pick and choose from when buying a new book, or looking for that one author they’ve heard of but can’t recall their name.

So, come on and take a look on AuthorsdB. Start on my page.

And when you’ve liked me, why not cast your vote on my covers? At the moment the 2013 Cover Contest is up and running. Voting is done by clicking the green arrow next to ‘image rating’ and awarding the stars you think the cover deserves.

Like any indie author, I too would be very happy and grateful to see my followers like me and what I’m up to.