How To Write Live Like a Goblin on Going Through the Motions

After a hiatus due to my circumstances the resident Goblin is back. Today he takes us through his motions.


the goblin had been admiring the wet weather, like a toad on a toadstool, simply that today too promised to be dull at best, as he readies himself for the same old tour to the mountains under those now all too familiar ominous rainclouds again, the goblin, lifting his spirits to the occasion, starts singing “…I’ll be going through the motions when it rains, I’ll be going through the motions when it rains, I’ll be going though the motions, going though the motions, going though the motions, I’ll am going though the motions when she pours…” to an onlooking day, who is not really impressed, while the goblin’s “song against the weather” continues throughout, somehow leaving the only real question as to who would break first, “…ah, but I have the advantage of the internet here, where you are still stuck in dailylife…” smirked the goblin against the grayness around him



How To Write Live Like a Goblin on Details of Daily Life

Another Monday, another post by the Goblin. Yet again he ponders on a topic all artists know all too well.


the goblin could relate to the slot, which was a lie since he’s usually daydreaming instead, at times the goblin needed a break as if to step a few feet back from the canvas to see if what he was portraying was still the big picture in his view while at other times the goblin needed to get up real close to outline its finer details “…the problem starts when one goes too far in either direction where the portrayal becomes “distant” on the one hand or where it becomes “over detailed” on the other, yet this slot never minds, do you now…”, the slot, eying the goblin’s coffee again, replied “…not at all goblin, I’ll eat anything of offer and still be hungry afterwards…” and then smiling the slot just adds “…in fact, it’s amazing goblin that you even try to get the essence of your existence into your posts each time, surely you must know how impossibly futile that must be…”, “…well slot, I just like these odds I guess…” replied as the goblin as if wondering if, like in the film then, he too, could somehow throw that huge washbasin through those bars of dailylife, except unlike the film perhaps there was nowhere out there to go to, no, it was just his trying then, simply the goblin was ever trying


Do you ever need to escape?

How To Write Live Like a Goblin on Daily Life

It seems to me the Goblin felt that writing/posting is what keeps him alive, or at least his mind.


early evening, and the moneygod has now released his lackey goblin to his own devices, usually meaning a tromp to the bistro, a coffee and the “last post” threads where, caffeine and WIFI permitting, the goblin will regain some semblance of sanity simply by trying to write it all out of his system, yet the more the goblin wrote about dailylife, the more that disparity became obvious to him, his dailylife was not his sum total then, but against that it was as if that line “what in one’s life is worth posting” just bugged him knowing that the moment the goblin replied to himself “…nothing, so I won’t post anymore…” that the goblin would simply be dead before his death too, another mind drowned in its dailylife now


What keeps you alive and sane?