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Featured Author – Glen Solosky

Glen Solosky’s love of Science Fiction and Fantasy inspired him to write his first book, The Abominable Sruvius. Apparent in his writing is his sense of adventure, his enthusiasm for puzzles, and his fascination with the strange and bizarre. He lives in eastern Pennsylvania with his wife and two sons and today he visits me on my blog to tell us about it.

Me sm

Hi Glen, glad you took the time and effort to come on over to my side and share some tidbits about you and your work. Let’s not keep the readers waiting.

Can you tell me how you celebrate finally getting that tricky chapter (or paragraph) right?

I lean back, close my eyes, take a deep breath, and sigh, “Finally!”

Okay, it seems to me that is a perfect way to express your content. But how do you work around those moments when the muse has gone and done a runner on you? 

A long walk is great for clearing the cobwebs out of your head. Also, I find it hard to conger up my muse right away when I sit at my keyboard. I’ve got to get into the swing of things first, and I do that by editing what I’d previously written. After a few minutes of editing I’m ready to take on a new chapter, scene or whatever.

Right, sounds like you have a winning formula there. Now, let’s first do a few of the yada yada questions before we move on to the fun. And by yada yada I do not mean boring, or in any other way stupid questions, but just the traditional ones. You know? The ones we secretly all want to know the answer to.

First, what is the title of the book you would like to talk about?

The Abominable Sruvius, a middle-grade science fiction/fantasy novel.

Sruvius cover sm

Great artwork! I’m not a kid, but it even entices me to pick up the book. 

Did you have difficulty coming up with the title?

Definitely. Especially since Bergey Fenwick, not Sruvius, is the main character. I’d thought of calling it Bergey Fenwick and the Abominable Sruvius, but that seemed a bit too much like Harry Potter and the (insert magical item here). And even though Sruvius isn’t the main character, he’s certainly key (and interesting), so I had no qualms about naming the book after him. So, after throwing around titles like, The Abominable Dr. Sruvius (too much like The Abominable Dr. Phibes, for all you Vincent Price fans), and The Abominable Ravma Sruvius (I liked it, but one hard-to-pronounce name is enough), I finally settled on The Abominable Sruvius.

Wonderful choice.

If you would have to change the genre in order to be able to publish it, what would it be then? i.e. would you conform to the market?

The story could easily be converted to adult science fiction. It tends to lean more toward science fiction than fantasy anyway. The only reason it falls under middle-grade fiction is the main character is a thirteen year old boy. Aside from that, there’s no reason adults wouldn’t like it. (Don’t let the fishbowl on the king’s head fool you!)

Well, the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling star a young boy too and these have captured millions of adults, no reason The Abominable Sruvius couldn’t. Right?

Right with that out of the way and to confuse you we’ll take the alternative route now.

What don’t you like about writing.

When my muse leaves me entirely, and I’m stuck looking at a computer screen like it’s the first time I’ve ever seen one. Or when I think I’m on a roll and the words are pouring out like someone released a dam, only to look over what I had just spent the last hour writing and realize it’s pure garbage.

I think that’s something all authors go through every now and then, it’s how you handle those moments what’s really important and from what I’ve heard from you up till now it seems you cope well enough. 🙂

What do you do marketing wise and what do you think generates the most attention to your books?

I’m pretty much a newbie, so I don’t have a lot of sage advice to give. Word of mouth has helped me a little, as have social network sites.

Ah, yes. Word to mouth, the best marketing tool ever.

Tell me, when you’re on a roll, the muse is in the house and happily guiding your pen, what would seriously drive her/him away?

When I get to the end of a scene or am approaching a tough transition and am not sure where to go from there. I never seem to get it into my head that I can always go back and edit later.

What does your muse look like and does he/she ever play tricks on you?

He’s a fidgety little Danny DeVito sort of guy. As long as I’m walking or doing something repetitive, he’s happy to hang around, but as soon I sit down to do some work, he’s gone. I really have to be at my keyboard a long time before he’ll come back.


Do you ever speak to your characters and do you get along all the time?

Oh, yes, I talk to them often (and they to me). Many of my characters are modeled after people I know or actors I can picture playing the role. For example, Lord Westring, a king’s advisor, is based on actor Patrick Stewart. I can actually hear his voice when I’m writing Lord Westring’s dialogue. Sruvius has a voice as well. I even got to the point where I would speak his lines out loud in a voice borrowed from Julius Sumner Miller. You can actually hear it on my website.

Oh, I must hop over there and listen to him. 🙂 Come on peeps, here’s the action. ===> Site

Is there any food or beverage that is a constant factor in either your books or life?

No, I can’t say there is. But I do like a cup of tea when I’m writing.

Would you be able to come up with a credible excuse why you haven’t written a whole day? Remember, I have to believe it!

I go days and days without writing. The thing is, I’m busy throwing ideas around in my head and just haven’t gotten to the point of committing them to paper.

But you must! Or carry a memo recorder around and blurt out those ideas.

And finally why would you ever want to live life behind a keyboard slaving over a manuscript?

It sure beats working for someone else. Most of my life I’ve used my creativity to make money for a corporation. I’d much rather put that amount of time and energy to use doing something for myself.

A very sensible thing to do I must say. 😉

Okay now that we have the mandatory questions out of the way, shoot your mouth off. Tell me whatever you want the blab about. But please no cats, dogs, or children. Make me laugh, or cry, or even envious. Tell me something none has ever heard before from you. hehehe, love those little dirty secrets, real or make believe. 🙂

I’m an illustrator as well as a writer. I did the cover artwork and illustrations for The Abominable Sruvius, as well as design book covers for other writers.  Being an artist gives me the advantage of being able to draw the characters directly from my imagination. You can see some of my work on my portfolio site

Oh, I love your work. You Mr Solosky are a true artist!

Geocaching is one of my favorite pastimes. In case you’re not familiar with the game, it involves using a GPS-enabled device to find hidden containers called geocaches. There are all different kinds, but my favorites are the ones where you have to solve a puzzle in order to get the coordinates.

I love puzzles, especially logic problems. I’ve written dozens of them for a popular puzzle magazine. You know that cozy feeling you get when you curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea (or coffee)? That’s the way I feel sitting down to a good logic puzzle.

Yes! I know that feeling and to know you might be responsible for some fun puzzling I did … Well, that is just great! I know a puzzlemaker! Wheeeeheeee!

Well, Glen that kind of wraps up the interview. Thanks again for coming over and share all this with me and the readers. If you ever have more news to share, you know where to find me. 🙂

Leave me only to give the readers directions as to where your book can be purchased. Digital copies as well as in paperback.

Sruvius cover sm


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Lulu (paperback edition)

AuthorsdB, Lists and How To Rise

Right, you, as a fellow indie author might think, “Not another social media site to keep up!” But I can assure you it is no trouble at all. Get yourself listed and just update your details when necessary. There’s no chatroom, blog post, twitterings or whatever to be done. Unless of course you want to rise in the ranks and be noticed. 🙂 For that you have to share. And sharing means, use twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and whatnot to get your profile seen and liked. But the site itself requires nothing more than a listing and keeping your details up-to-date.

I’m listed on AuthorsdB, and with me lots of other authors. Emphasis on listed. To us indies lists are important and the lists on AuthorsdB are especially dear to me. 🙂

Why? I like to think it’s because I’m a writer of good books, but I am momentarily listed as #32 on their favourite authors list. With every like others award me with on their site I am rising in the ranks of indies until finally I can call myself number One.

And there you have the reason unveiled why lists like these are important to us indies. Who wouldn’t want to be able to say they are high on the list when advertising their books. Let’s be honest, when you have to choose between two books. One from an author who’s absolutely unknown and on no list at all, and the second from an author, maybe also not known worldwide but verifiable high on an author ranking list, which one would you pick?

For that reason alone, and the fact that AuthorsdB offers this service for free to all indie authors I think all indies should at least be listed on this site. That way future readers have a reasonable complete list of authors to pick and choose from when buying a new book, or looking for that one author they’ve heard of but can’t recall their name.

So, come on and take a look on AuthorsdB. Start on my page.

And when you’ve liked me, why not cast your vote on my covers? At the moment the 2013 Cover Contest is up and running. Voting is done by clicking the green arrow next to ‘image rating’ and awarding the stars you think the cover deserves.

Like any indie author, I too would be very happy and grateful to see my followers like me and what I’m up to.

Lena Winfrey Seder reviewed Red Gone Bad

Naughty Girls of Fairy Tales


Lena Winfrey Seder

Lucy Pireel’s collection of short stories “Red Gone Bad,” is an interesting read! She turned common fairytales of Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Snow White and Rumpelstiltskin into dark, twisted tales. It was unusual yet enjoyable! There were indeed surprises where these familiar sweet characters turned out to be tougher, spunkier, and even naughtier than what we grew up with.

I recommend “Red Gone Bad”; you will have your mind blown and your perspective skewed. It is a great, entertaining collection of short stories. Lucy has shown her creativity as top-notch. These tales will hold your attention, and you will never view these characters in the same old way again!

Red Gone BadPhoto provided by Nineteen68

Red Gone Bad
Photo provided by Nineteen68

Available at Amazon







iTunes Store

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

My dear friend Gerry McCullough asked me to join her in the Next Big Thing Blog Hop. She has a great book out, Angel in Flight which you could check out and perhaps even buy.

Cover Angel in Flight

Thank you Gerry for this opportunity to shed a little light on my first ever self-published collection of short stories. A collection of twisted fairy tales without a happy ending in sight. Red Gone Bad available on Amazon and Smashwords only one more week on sale for $0.99. Get it while it’s still available cheap.


I also must thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about my next to be published project.

What is the (working title) of your book?

I’m always struggling to find the right title. This time was no different. It’s been Angels From Heaven, Angels or Demons and now it is Heaven’s Closed.

Cover Heavens Closed

Where did the idea come from for the book?

I had two shorts with a theme, Angelic characters who could have easily been demons, or not. I have a thing with characters not being what they are supposed to be, or maybe they are. layer upon layer. Ogres are like unions, my characters are like ogres, Erm, I mean unions. Hahaha, unless you are perceptive and know how to read between the lines. Or maybe I’m just really all over the place. Or maybe I like characters who do not always behave the way they should or change when they need to.

What genre does your book fall under?

Fiction? Hahaha, I know that is not a genre. Shoot, why does that question always pops up? I have no idea. Fantasy? What with the angels, demons, witches and all.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

As always Helena Bonham-Carter for any female role. Love how she is able to play crazy mad as well as classical. My angels should be … Hmmm, not too slick and certainly not those fabricated, unreal Hollywood types. Maybe Vinnie Jones? Jason Statham? Okay, Lorry, just for you Karl Urban can play too. Hahahaha, at least I’ll be sure one person will come and see the movie adaptation that way.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

What if not all is what it seems and Angels could be demons, or even regular humans?

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

I am again very proud to say that this double dip (it will be a small thingy consisting of only two short stories and free for all) will be completely self-published. Cover done by me this time too. Any and all comments made to improve said cover are more than welcome by the by.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Oh, I don’t know. A week? Two? Not too long in any case.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

That’s a question I really have no answer too, because I tend not to read much stories like these. My reading is all over the place and not limited to any one genre, but I haven’t read anything like my own work yet. And I have a dislike, to say the least, of Young Adult and Dystopian.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

The one called Heaven’s Gate was written by me as entry to a contest. Won it too, Whoop! Hahahaha, but since I hold the rights to it I am free to now publish it in this little book of mine. The other was meant to be submitted to a publisher. To fit into an end of year anthology. They loved it but it didn’t quite fit in with what they had already accepted. So I was left with a perfect story that needed to be out there before end of year. What solution did I come up with? Give it to Sue at Book Junkies Journal to put on their site. Again I still hold all rights and can publish it in this book.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Hey! It’s free and one won a contest while the other only got rejected because of not fitting in with the other accepted stories for an anthology. Besides I like them and whomever wants bite sized reads for free might like them too.

Anyway, enough about me. Let me introduce to you some friends of mine who have great books out and will be talking to you about those in a weeks time. But for now I can at least steer you towards their blogs and ask you to take a look at their books. Shoot, you might even like them so much you’ll buy and give some away for Christmas.

Vicky Johnstone, writer of Kiwi in Cat City, a great childrens book based on her own pet.

Cover Kiwi

Elizabeth Black, author of Trouble in Thigh High Boots, an erotic retelling of Puss in Boots.

Cover Trouble

Kirsty Berridge, author of The Hunted, a great vampiric read.

Cover the hunted

Pam Howes, author of Not Fade Away, a great Rock ‘n Roll Romance novel available at Amazon UK  and Amazon US.

Cover Not Fade Away

And last but certainly not least,

Lorelei Bell, author of the Sabrina Strong Series. Vampire novels but better.

cover Sabrina Strong