Writers Online Forum

 When I was asked to join this forum I had my doubts. Not another forum to keep up with? I’m already low on spare time and fora, or forums as the online plural is supposed to be, aren’t my ‘core business’.

After a trial run of posting some random musings I found the staff rather laid back. None of the restrictive rules and regulations you in general encounter on most forums. One can post virtually all one wants and most importantly how one wants. While at the same time it is also a place where one can share their latest work, or post it to be reviewed by other members. I found it to be a friendly place not just open to authors authors and readers, but also a podium for all other kinds of artists like musicians, or photographers!

The Grammar Nazis

The how is especially important to me, since I like to ramble. I love to muse and post my musings in third person, a thing which is called ‘Live Writing’.

To return to the topic at hand, this forum has a chat-room for those who feel the need to confer with their peers on a more direct level. They also have instant messaging for one-on-one chat, free personal email accounts, and even an arcade for those times of writer’s block. And there is a market place where one can find others who offer services. The only thing this forum lacks at this moment is a throng of people signing up to make this a lively community in which one can feel free to express ones self how one sees fit.

The basic rule on this forum? Tolerance, allowing each other the freedom of mind and expression, of course within the boundaries of the law. And I do not need to spell out which subjects are meant by that.

Leaves me only one thing to mention: the link to show you the way to this liberal place where writers can write without feeling the pressure of the Grammar Nazis or the Form King and Queen. And even if you should encounter them, be gentle in your response to the critique. And always keep in mind that the world would be a nicer place if we would all just be civil and allow others to have their opinion without trying to force ours upon the world surrounding us.

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